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  • 5 things I learned working in Graduate Recruitment and Attraction

    15 Jul 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    As we say goodbye to our Head of University Partnerships, Blair, who heads off for the opportunity of a lifetime in the States, she leaves with us some key takeaways from her career journey...

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  • Graduating University: From someone who should know

    25 Jun 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    Perhaps you entered university with plans to take over the world and jumpstart your career as soon as you finish but now you feel stuck. If this sounds like you then this blog might be just what you need.

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  • Empowering the female leaders in the Civil Service

    19 Jun 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    Building better gender-balanced institutions is integral to creating a better world. Right now, over half of the Civil Service are women and more than 40% of the senior civil servants are women – this is real progress!

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  • The Civil Service celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month

    23 May 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    The importance of visibility and action on mental health in the workplace.

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  • "Are you okay?" A simple question that can make a huge difference.

    15 May 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    Last May, during Mental Health Awareness Week, Deloitte launched a campaign that encourages their people to look out for each other with those three little words.

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  • Bright Futures Annual Awards Ceremony 2019: The Lowdown

    30 Apr 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    Our Bright Futures network is the largest of the UK’s employability-focused societies, and every year we celebrate its achievements and continuing impact at our Awards Ceremony. It's been a pretty hot year. Read more to find out who took the Bright Futures crowns home.

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  • Bright Futures Multi Company Networking Events

    29 Mar 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    We already knew how strong our Committee Members' game was. And then they blew it out of the water a little further. Read up on how Strathclyde and De Montfort Bright Futures hosted networking events on their campuses with some big names, in light of International Women's Day...

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  • Starting an important conversation: Mental health and a cultural change at Lloyds Banking Group

    26 Mar 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    There is a cultural shift happening at Lloyds Banking Group to encourage greater mental health awareness in the workplace. They are removing the stigma around saying “I’m not ok” and giving people the tools to support themselves and colleagues when they see them struggling.

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  • The women that lead MyKindaFuture #IWD2019

    08 Mar 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    66% of our Senior Leadership Team is made up of female talent, and on International Women's Day, we're celebrating that. #BalanceForBetter

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  • #IWD2019: The female leaders on campus

    06 Mar 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    MyKindaFuture doesn't just host killer female players in our internal team. Meet the Committee Members who lead our Bright Futures Societies, making a huge impact on their campus networks and creating inroads in their own professional profile.

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  • #BalanceForBetter: Meet Rachel Martinelli, Chief Operating Officer at MyKindaFuture

    05 Mar 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    Meet Rachel, our Chief Operating Officer at MyKindaFuture, and all-pretty inspirational team member - she's talking in celebration of International Women's Day 2019.

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  • We're celebrating International Women's Day. Come join us.

    01 Mar 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    We’ll take any opportunity to shout about how powerful the women at Deloitte are – so as it’s International Women’s Day we’ve got our megaphones out.

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  • What to expect from your Summer Internship

    26 Feb 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    Mystery often surrounds The Summer Internship. It's likely you have never done one before and are unclear about what to expect. Plus, with the start date so far away, it either can play in your mind for a prolonged period, or you out it on the list things ‘I’ll Get Around To Addressing At Some Point, Maybe’. Either option is not ideal. You need to go into this with your A-game so you are prepared for everything.

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  • Summer Diversity Internship: What's SDIP-opping You?

    22 Feb 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    "I knew very little about ‘Whitehall’ or what it meant to work there, though I was quickly inspired to find out more. I learned that as a civil servant I’d have the opportunity to work on issues of national importance, driving forward policies and delivering operations that change society for the better. And I was sold." - Second Year Fast Streamer, and former 'SDIPer'

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  • Event of the Month: UEA x Deloitte

    20 Feb 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    And we're off to a cracking start for the Spring Term, with our brand new Society at University of East Anglia kicking things off right...

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  • Test the waters: Deloitte Summer Vacation Schemes & Industrial Placements

    18 Feb 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    Try before you buy, on one of Deloitte’s placement programmes. Hear from Deloitte people and their work place experiences.

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  • The Do's & Don'ts of a Summer Internship

    12 Feb 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    For those of you who have secured yourself an Internship this summer, or for those of you considering one, here are our top do’s and don’ts for when Day 1 comes. You want to make an impression that will last (in a good way), but also want to gain the best experience possible. And it sometimes ain't easy...

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  • Summer Internships at FirstGroup, a leading transport company

    04 Feb 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    From real-life projects to developing new skills, discover why Megan and Harry loved every minute of their internships.

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  • Disappointing Exam Results? 4 Ways to Make Your Comeback

    01 Feb 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    The Do's and Don'ts of dealing with an exam result that came down on you from a height of disappointment. No one likes that, and no one needs that.

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  • Resilience: The Low, The Comeback, The Lesson

    31 Jan 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    We spoke to our student network and in-house MyKindaFuture family and came up with some genuine stories of bringing it back from a low during university or working life. When life gives you lemons...

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  • Civil Service: Resilience, the true ingredient to success

    28 Jan 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    What does ‘resilience’ actually mean? We hear the word often and tend to see it as just a way of being able to cope with stress - it soon becomes a boring, white-noise word. But what if we instead saw it as a tool of achieving real success and growth?

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  • Getting Over Grad Programme Rejection: Six Tips

    25 Jan 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    For all you's out there who are trying to crack the graduate world and so far are still awaiting your 'moment' - this is for you.

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  • FirstGroup: They can knock me down, but not out

    23 Jan 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    Dealing with a hit and run accident a month and a bit after starting a new job and moving to a new city.

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  • MVF: How to handle a rejection after an interview

    21 Jan 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    Dealing with rejection is never easy and when it’s for the job you have your mind set on, it can be even harder. At MVF we have lots of amazing candidates come through the door but unfortunately, we can’t always offer them the role. However, rejection from a role isn’t always a bad thing and we want to help you understand why…

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  • January: The Struggle Is Real

    15 Jan 2019 -Bright Futures Blog

    Happy New Year! Now all the excitement is over, and real life has resumed, you may wanna give those January Blues a welcome wave. But, how can you make sure your wellbeing stays on its game this month? We have come up with some pointers around looking after and prioritising your wellbeing over the next few weeks...

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  • Discussing Disadvantage: What is the role of socio-economic status in today’s graduate market?

    28 Dec 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    A more serious article, discussing something we feel is very much still prevalent in today's graduate market and an issue that remains to face a large pool of our young person demographic. What are your thoughts? We would love to hear from you!

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  • MyPlusStudentsClub: Managing a disability when applying for a job

    23 Dec 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Are you a student tackling a disability and worried your applications may be affected by this? MyPlusStudentsClub exist to help students specifically for this reason, and as part of our December Blog series, share their resources on offer.

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  • Outstanding Committee Contribution: Bristol Bright Futures & Marsh Global Insurance

    31 Dec 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

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  • Christmas: Work vs Play

    26 Dec 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    How can you balance the two? And more importantly, how do you resist the urge to forget the work side of things and continue sinking beer and mince pies? We feel you. And we're here to help.

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  • December Event of the Month: Southampton Bright Futures & Deloitte

    21 Dec 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    What an Autumn Term it has been! And we are delighted to share the winners of our 'Event of the Month' spot for December. Southampton Bright Futures - take it away...

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  • President of the Term: Roberto Farrington

    12 Dec 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Yes, you read right. President of the TERM. Read on to find out why exactly we have crowned our Bright Futures Leeds leader with such a title. Big news.

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  • MVF: Tips for getting ahead in your job search over Christmas

    10 Dec 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    How to use the Christmas holiday to help secure your dream job...

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  • November Event of the Month: Leeds Bright Futures' 'Understanding Journalism'

    30 Nov 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Leeds Bright Futures have bagged Event of the Month for November with their Understanding Journalism session. Here are all the juicy deets. Well done, team!

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  • The Secret Ingredient to Your CV

    27 Nov 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Meet Jake, a recent graduate who wanted to conquer the ever-competitive graduate market with his CV. What did he learn? One trick in the book that isn't always focused on...

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  • Understanding The World of LinkedIn

    23 Nov 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Do you want to get more clued up on the professional social network, LinkedIn? Read here how you can use the ever-growing platform to your career-advantage!

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  • Committee Of The Month: Leicester Bright Futures

    20 Nov 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    When your Committee is this good, it needs a shout-out. Major congrats to Leicester Bright Futures for bagging Committee of the Month! Read on to find out why and to meet the team...

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  • FirstGroup: More Than Just An Application Form

    15 Nov 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Winning a graduate role requires more than an application - it’s a tough process. Knowing what’s needed when, can be the key.

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  • Advice from Deloitte people: Application & Assessment

    13 Nov 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    From application to assessment, bagging your dream job isn't easy, but it also shouldn't be a daunting experience.

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  • MVF CV Clinic: The Do's and Don'ts of Writing Your Graduate CV

    06 Nov 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Writing a CV to bag the graduate job you want can be a little daunting. We have outlined our top tips for making your CV stand out to employers!

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  • Where can the Brakes Finance Graduate Programme take you?

    02 Nov 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    We interviewed a Finance Manager and a Finance Director at Brakes Group who started off on the Finance Graduate Programme. Here, they discuss what the journey from then to now looks like...

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  • October Event of the Month: Strathclyde Bright Futures' Annual STEM Networking Event

    29 Oct 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    In true Strathclyde fashion, our Society have landed our October Event of the Month spot. And read on to hear why this multi-company campus event has blown October out of the water...

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  • Graduate job vs. Master's Degree?

    22 Oct 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Are you a final-year student that is torn between the choices of a Masters or Graduate? We spoke to our recently-joined team member Oliver, who has just finished his Masters degree at Exeter, to hear of some first-hand experience and advice when making these decisions...

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  • Looking for something distinctly different? - Deloitte Autumn Careers Evenings

    01 Oct 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Deloitte have launched their Autumn Career Evenings for 2018 at a range of universities near you...

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  • A Day in the Life of an MVF'er

    27 Sep 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Meet Eleanor, a Business Development Manager, who shares her typical day in the MVF office. MVF's Graduate Sales role applications have just gone live, so here's food for thought...

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  • The Kick Off: Bright Futures’ Annual Committee Training Conference 2018

    25 Sep 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Start as you mean to go on - the lowdown on the Committee Training Conference 2018 is here. And what a way to kick-start the year!

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  • Bright Futures has hit Instagram!

    24 Jul 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    The world of Bright Futures is now on Instagram - and yes, this is a big deal. Read on for what you can find on our feed, how you can get involved and how your Society can rock the world of Insta.

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  • From Graduation to Africa!

    18 Jul 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Hear how you can utilise your university's charity affiliations and experience a trip of a lifetime. Our Bright Future's Marketing Manager, Hannah, has just returned from Uganda and shares her story...

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  • Life as a Bright Futures' President: The Insider

    04 Jul 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    What is it like to run a Bright Futures' Society? What are the highs and lows? What would be recommended about the role? How do you get to stand in their shoes? You're in luck! Our President of the Year 2018 nominees have answered some quick-fire questions to answer all of this...

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  • Our Top Five Bright Futures' Events from 2017/18...

    20 Jun 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    This year has been one to remember on many levels. From the calibre of our fantastic committee members, to the digital connections and online presence of our network, to the on campus events hosted, 2017/18 was one of the best academic years yet in the history of Bright Futures. We have pulled together some of the best events to happen this year and have put them in a blog post...

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  • The Exchange Semester: Hong Kong

    27 Jun 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    What is it like to have a semester abroad as part of your course? Meet Ella, who is heir to the President throne of Strathclyde Bright Futures 2018/19, and has just spent 5 months of this year in Hong Kong. We fire questions her way and she tells us about the highs and the lows of her experience!

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  • The final days of a final year

    06 Jun 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    What is currently running through a final year student's head? We asked first-hand - our Bright Futures Marketing Manager, Hannah, who is currently in her final year of Psychology. Here is some helpful advice for those of you who are experiencing, or yet to experience, the end of your university years.

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  • Life on a Bright Futures Committee - the journey from then 'til now...

    13 Jun 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Where can a role as part of a Bright Futures committee get you? We caught up with Kris, the former President of Glasgow Bright Futures 2013/14 to see where he is now, and how he feels his involvement with his Society has helped him land a dream role with Rolls Royce...

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  • Bright Futures Event Spotlight: Lancaster Fashion Recruitment Fair & Runway Show

    29 May 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    It may be nearing the end of the academic year, and some of you may have already finished. However, our fantastic committee at Lancaster University have proved that despite the time of the year, an event can still be pulled off to excellent standards. We wanted to highlight Lancaster Bright Futures’ success from their final event of the year, with a twist – merging the world of Management with that of Fashion. And with over 300 attendees, killer looks, and the photos to prove it, our committee deserve the recognition.

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  • MyKindaFuture's Graduate Stories

    14 May 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Does the thought of graduating daunt you? Is it scary to think it may not all go to plan after uni finishes? We asked some of the wonderful MyKindaFuture Team what their university experience was like for them, and how their future really compared to how they envisioned it at the time. Point in hand: never underestimate the opportunities you will be presented with and just because things don't go to plan, that doesn't mean you can't proceed with having a successful career!

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  • image

    Conquering the Exam Demon of Stress: Your How To Guide

    22 May 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    It's that time of year, folks, where there is an alliance across the student population of stress relating to exams and deadlines. Take a read of our top tips and become your best exam self...

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  • Want to be a part of your 2018/19 Bright Futures committee?

    30 Apr 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    We are now recruiting our new 2018/19 Committee teams for our on-campus Bright Futures Societies - if you are looking for something to take your academic year to the next level, have a look at our roles on offer for your Bright Futures Committee...

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  • Bright Futures Annual Awards 2018: The Inside Scoop

    24 Apr 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    It's the biggest event in the Bright Futures' year. Whether you were there or not, read here the highlights of our fantastic Societies' and employers' work across 2017/18 - and, of course, our winners!

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  • What's it like to be a graduate at CGI?

    20 Apr 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Learn more about Roshni and her experience as a graduate at CGI.

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  • A day in the life of a Cisco Software Engineer

    10 Apr 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Where can an internship actually take your career? Arvinda started as an Intern at Cisco, and is rapidly approaching his eight year anniversary as a full-time Software Engineer...

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  • Advice for after you've submitted your online application...

    05 Apr 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    How do you impress during a formal interview? What are some of the biggest interview mistakes? What makes the best 'new starter'? What's does a day in the life of an MVF graduate look like?

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  • #IWD from a Bright Futures Ambassador

    13 Mar 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    To continue spreading awareness of International Women's Day this month, we asked our Brand Awareness Ambassador some key questions around #IWD2018...

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  • My experience of Deloitte's London Insight Day

    12 Mar 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Not sure what to expect from an Insight Day? Thinking of attending one and want to make sure you are prepared? Read Pooja's experience of attending Deloitte's London Insight Day...

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  • MyKindaFuture's Inspirational Women

    09 Mar 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    We ask some of our MyKindaFuture team to answer some Q&A's around being, or working alongside, successful women within the workplace, celebrating their inspiration and also highlighting the challenges that still exist...

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  • Female Representation within Senior Civil Service Level

    06 Mar 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    The steady increase is a manifestation of the real developments taking place in the Civil Service today! #IWD2018

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  • Want to work for a Sunday Times Top 10 Company?

    28 Feb 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Fast track your career with one of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK by having a look at these upcoming events with MVF...

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  • Bright Futures Event of the Month: Bristol Bright Futures & Deloitte

    27 Feb 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    We're proud to shout about the success of our Bright Futures Bristol Society who pulled off an amazing interactive workshop in partnership with Deloitte. Read the President's testimonial on how the committee made sure it all came together...

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  • The culture of CGI

    26 Feb 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    What is the company culture of CGI? How does it benefit its graduates?

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  • Work, life and family at Cisco

    23 Feb 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Mihaela is a Software Engineer who joined Cisco Systems UKI as a graduate in London.

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  • Doing it for the culture!

    19 Feb 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Do these company values matter to you?

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  • Culture and The Corporate World

    15 Feb 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Choosing where to work after you graduate can seem daunting – but finding a positive and flexible company culture can facilitate your transition to work.

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  • Company cultures: What do they mean?

    14 Feb 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    What does 'company culture' mean? Why is it important for you and your career?

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  • Retail Banking & Wealth Management Graduate Program

    29 Jan 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    What degree do you need to join HSBC? Meet four of their current graduates and learn to break the myth that your dream career needs a directly relevant degree...

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  • Where can a career in Technology lead?

    26 Jan 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Emma studied a computing degree but did not want to go into a programming role. Here's her story...

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  • Steps to take to transfer your degree to different industries

    25 Jan 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    How do you transfer your degree to a different industry? Is it impossible? Not if you follow these steps...

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  • What's in a degree? From Psychology to Group Transformation

    22 Jan 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    After studying Psychology, Louisa found a very different application for her degree in Transformation at Lloyds Banking Group. Hear from Lloyds directly how you can transfer your degree over to different roles...

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  • MVF share how they are breaking the mould with transferrable degree backgrounds

    19 Jan 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Hear from Bobby, a Law graduate and how he flourishes in MVF's Publishing Team as a writer now...

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  • A wasted degree? Or a perfect fit?

    16 Jan 2018 -Bright Futures Blog

    Read real stories from Fast Stream graduates on how they have been successful with Civil Service and not necessarily depended on the discipline of their degree...

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  • Diageo have joined the Bright Futures employer network for 2018!

    28 Dec 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    We welcome the world's leading premium drinks supplier to our employer network! Find out who Diageo are and what they have in store for 2018...

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  • Tackling Christmas Leftovers Recipies

    27 Dec 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    How to use those leftovers to make the best comfort food...

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  • Top 5 revision tips for procrastinators

    29 Dec 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

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  • Are you ready to be part of something amazing?

    21 Dec 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Find out what Graduate and Industrial Placement opportunities are still open with CGI and be part of something exciting...

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  • Dealing with stress & maintaining your wellbeing

    18 Dec 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Read up on the simple strategies you can use to make January revision and exam time the least stressful it can be...

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  • MVF shares tips on knuckling down over Christmas whilst looking after your wellbeing!

    14 Dec 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    The balance between work and play is key - and MVF offers advice on how to master both over the Holidays!

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  • Christmas: On a budget

    12 Dec 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Students! We are here to help you throw an amazing Christmas on a limited fund - it can be done...

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  • With these simple steps, chances are you won't know what stress is!

    07 Dec 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Stress is not something you need to deal with alone. And at a particularly intense time of the academic year, you may need these tips to keep your mental health in top condition!

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  • Personal resilience, work-life balance and transitioning to the workplace

    05 Dec 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Learn top tips for resilience, how to find time for your passions, and strategies for maintaining good mental health.

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  • Spotlight Intern of the Month: Joe from Arqiva

    27 Nov 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Meet Joe, a previous Corporate Finance Intern at Arqiva who shares his story, application process and advice for those of you who may be considering something similar...

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  • Acing applications - top tips from a global employer!

    24 Nov 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Wondering how to ace that application form? Read on...

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  • Succeeding Assessment Centres

    22 Nov 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Have an upcoming Assessment Centre that is worrying you? Want to do your best? Read our Recruitment Team's top tips on nailing it!

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  • Remember: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

    20 Nov 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Civil Service get down to basics on what makes a good application, and what you can bear in mind in your prospects this Autumn Term...

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  • Top 10 Worst CV Mistakes You Can Make

    16 Nov 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Want to ace that application? If you are doing any of these 10 things you could be jeopardising your dreams!

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  • How to ace your assessment process

    14 Nov 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Considering a career with Lloyds Banking Group? Lucky for you we deliver first-hand from Lloyds how to give your best application...

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  • MVF: What do we look for/avoid on your CV and application?

    13 Nov 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Where can you go wrong with your CV? What are some rookie errors that instantly put employers off on your application form? Find out first-hand here from MVF...

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  • What is the new HSBC recruitment process?

    09 Nov 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Hear directly from Charlotte, Emerging Talent Recruitment Manager at HSBC, who shares exclusive hints and tips on the new application process for HSBC's programmes and opportunities!

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  • Tips for acing interviews

    06 Nov 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Have any upcoming face-to-face interviews or telephone interviews? Wondering how to ace them? Luckily our MyKindaFuture Recruitment Team have put together their top tips for interview success...

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  • Meet Naz, a recent grad who is now in a Ring-Fencing Managerial role at HSBC!

    24 Oct 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Naz graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology & Psychology at Birmingham City University in 2013 and then a couple of years later found the HSBC Retail Banking & Wealth Management (RBWM) Graduate Scheme. Here she shares her story and experience...

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  • Meet Goda, a recent graduate who joined Arriva's Graduate Scheme through MyKindaFuture!!

    23 Oct 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Goda shares advice on her experience of final year, how MyKindaFuture's Recruitment Team helped her through the application process and her time so far with Arriva!

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  • How to stay healthy at university (both physically and mentally)

    20 Oct 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

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  • Careers Worth Discovering - starting a career with impact

    18 Oct 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Considering your graduate career? Hear from a graduate with hints and tips, as well as what Lloyds can offer you...

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  • Step into the shoes of a Police Now officer and help transform a community

    17 Oct 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Fancy being a police officer with a difference? Get involved with Police Now's IMPACT to find out if you've got what it takes to lead...

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  • Where will you lead?

    17 Oct 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Back again with the Fast Stream, Early and Summer Diversity Internship Programmes, the Civil Service offers are now open for applications!

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  • Be part of something exciting with CGI!

    16 Oct 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Find out what opportunities lay in store for 2017/18 with CGI...

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  • 8 pieces of advice to final year students...

    11 Oct 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    We have come up with some ideas to make your final year the best yet - for both work and play...

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  • Fresher's Special: An open letter to all final year students

    09 Oct 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Hear first-hand advice from Arianna, a recent Mechanical Engineering grad who ended up in Digital Marketing at MVF...

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  • Check out current internship & graduate opportunities at #wearecisco

    02 Oct 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    We wanted to take this opportunity and highlight our current opportunities and timelines, so that you can check out the internships and graduate positions we have at the moment and you apply at the right time! 

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  • Annual Bright Futures Training Conference 2017

    18 Sep 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

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  • Your University Checklist: The important stuff

    17 Aug 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    You may have read many university checklists... None are quite like this one. We got real students to tell us the top 10 things you need to take with you to succeed, no matter your year group...

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  • A plethora of Graduate & Intern Opportunities with Civil Service Fast Stream this September!

    09 Aug 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Looking for a graduate opportunity or a summer internship experience? Look no further than the array of streams Civil Service can offer you this year and beyond...

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  • 10 things I wish I'd known as a Fresher

    31 Jul 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Starting university this September? We have some first-hand advice to ace the new chapter...

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  • Tips for travelling on a budget this summer

    25 Jul 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

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  • Civil Service: An Array of Streams On Offer!

    24 Jul 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Civil Service share their vast array of roles within their 2017/18 Graduate Programme, open for applications this Autumn! Also, read some valuable application tips to help you ace the process...

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  • How to run for a committee position in University

    18 Jul 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Take on board these top tips to get to where you want to be

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  • Summer opportunities at Accenture – Consulting and Technology Insight Days & Graduate Programmes

    10 Jul 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Applications are now open for our Women’s Consulting Insight Days, Female Consulting Summer Event and Technology Insight Days. Each opportunity will involve a fast-track to assessment centre and chance to apply for our 2018 Consulting or Technology (Software Engineering / Technology Architecture / Client Delivery) graduate programmes.

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  • Optimising your summer break

    07 Jul 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    “How do I make the most of my summer?” “What should I do with my time this summer?” “Do I dedicate my summer to work or play? Or both?” These are questions that may have gently tip-toed or in fact aggressively stomped across your mind recently – and you’re not alone.

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  • Legislation, support and guidance for a more LGBT+ inclusive society

    28 Jun 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    What laws and legislation exist today to promote a more inclusive society in the UK? How can you be supported whilst at university? How can you promote better LGBT+ awareness on an individual level?

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  • Supporting LGBT+ employees at Civil Service

    14 Jun 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    Find out about the LGBT Fast Stream network...

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  • Optimising your summer break: Tips direct from DHL

    14 Jun 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    First-hand graduate advice as to how to tackle the graduate market, using your summer break to get up to speed with what's expected, and also taking the opportunity to have some fun...

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  • LGBT+ facts and figures: What do the statistics say?

    12 Jun 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    36% of LGBT undergraduates have experienced harassment within the past year — and other troubling stats

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  • Find your nearest LGBT+ Pride event with this handy list

    12 Jun 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

    In celebration of Pride month, we've complied a handy list of events near you

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  • Helping you reach your full potential on the Fast Stream Scheme

    11 May 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

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  • Our staff speak out to help end the stigma around mental health

    11 May 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

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  • "The more we talk about mental health the more we can do to manage it."

    11 May 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

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  • Lloyds Banking Group have officially partnered with Mental Health UK

    11 May 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

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    Emotional Wellbeing at University

    11 May 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

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  • “1 in 4 of us experience a mental health problem. I am one of those statistics.”

    11 May 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

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  • Perspectives of mental health difficulties within employment today

    09 May 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

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  • Mental Health: The Facts

    09 May 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

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  • Mental health in the workplace

    09 May 2017 -Bright Futures Blog

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  • Join the MyKindaFuture Universities Team!

    09 Mar 2016 -Bright Futures Blog

    We are looking for an independent student or graduate looking for a year in industry to join our team and help support our network of student led Bright Futures Societies!

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