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  • Winners' Story: My Community Challenge with HSBC

    25 Aug 2016 -Winners' Stories

    Mathura impressed HSBC judges with her innovative First Aid project!

  • CCEP Winners share the secrets of their sales success

    01 Jun 2016 -Winners' Stories

    Take note!

  • Hanka's Misson You Experience

    17 Aug 2015 -Winners' Stories

    Hanka recently completed TCS' Mission You work experience programme. Find out what she made of her week at their offices in Peterborough...

  • Winner's Blog: In love with Zagreb

    06 Aug 2015 -Winners' Stories

    Katharine and Miriam won our Around the World Challenge. Check in to see where in the world they are, who they meet and what adventures they get up to along the way...

  • Winner's Blog: TCS' Mission You

    04 Aug 2015 -Winners' Stories

    Alex entered our TCS challenge and won! He recently completed their Mission You work experience programme...

  • Winners Blog: Why we love Budapest!

    29 Jul 2015 -Winners' Stories

    Catch up with Miriam and Katharine as they journey across Europe...

  • Winner's Blog: 24 hours in Vienna

    27 Jul 2015 -Winners' Stories

    Our Around the World challenge winners Miriam and Katharine made a 24 hour whistle stop visit to Vienna. Read about their highlights…

  • Winner's Blog: Highlights of Prague

    20 Jul 2015 -Winners' Stories

    Miriam and Katharine, the winners of our Around the World Challenge are adventuring around Europe. Read about their highlights of Prague…

  • Winner's Blog: London to Berlin

    09 Jul 2015 -Winners' Stories

    We catch up with Miriam and Katharine, the winners of our Around the World Challenge as they travel and adventure around Europe...

  • Winner's Blog: Hopes & Wishes

    06 Jul 2015 -Winners' Stories

    Our Around the World Challenge winners Katharine and Miriam tell us how they're feeling ahead of their trip of a lifetime...

  • Winner's Blog: Around the World

    06 Jul 2015 -Winners' Stories

    Katharine and Miriam won our Around the World Challenge. Check in to see where in the world they are, who they meet and what adventures they get up to along the way...

  • Why an Apprenticeship?

    18 Mar 2015 -Winners' Stories

    Our challenge winner Hanka had the opportunity to carry out work experience with the Skills Funding Agency, she told us all about it...

  • Winner's Story: Skills for Care

    02 Mar 2015 -Winners' Stories

    Our Skills for Care challenge winner tells us why she wants to make a difference...

  • Inspire To Overcome

    22 Sep 2014 -Winners' Stories

    We hear from the 2014 Lloyds #InspireToOvercome photo competition winners!

  • Raleigh International Winners’ Day 2014 #Sustain2Gain

    11 Aug 2014 -Winners' Stories

    Two students win work experience with Raleigh International.

  • Crossrail Engineer Your Future 2014 Winners' Day

    27 Jun 2014 -Winners' Stories

    Crossrail wanted you to tell them how they can encourage the next generation of girls in to Engineering. Here are the winners at the Canary Wharf offices and site on National Women in Engineering Day 2014.

  • Engineering talent shines through at Thales Winners Day!

    20 May 2014 -Winners' Stories

    Three high flyers from the University of Nottingham are celebrating being crowned the winners.

  • The 2014 Energy Challenge Final!

    10 Apr 2014 -Winners' Stories

    So…. How do we really put the Energy back into Energy Companies?

  • Matthew Hancock Winners' Story

    27 Mar 2014 -Winners' Stories

    The #MKCWhatIf challenge received around 450 submissions and this is the story of the top 5!

  • Tesco Winners Day!

    04 Mar 2014 -Winners' Stories

    Find out what our Tesco challenge finalists got up to on the winners day….

  • Nick Hewer Winners Day

    28 Jan 2014 -Winners' Stories

    Find out what our challenge finalists got up to on the Nick Hewer Winners Day...

  • Your Lightbulb Moment event

    12 Nov 2013 -Winners' Stories

    On Wednesday the 30th October, MyKindaCrowd attended the Your Lightbulb Moment event ran by the Bright Ideas Trust in Croydon - we had a great time!

  • Winners Story: Tamsin Page

    16 Oct 2013 -Winners' Stories

    Tamsin Page tells us about her winning submission idea for the United World Schools challenge...

  • Winners Story: Concern Universal

    08 Oct 2013 -Winners' Stories

    Theodore Pang tells us about his winning submission idea for the Concern Universal Challenge...

  • Final McDonald's Winners Day of 2013!

    24 Jul 2013 -Winners' Stories

    The finalists for the McDonald's challenge 'Environmental Role Model' were invited to the HQ for an exclusive day

  • Winner Emily Tench meets Mark Hunter!

    16 Jul 2013 -Winners' Stories

    Emily tells us her story of winning the MyKindaCrowd challenge and meeting Mark Hunter.

  • Winners Story : IF! Britain

    13 May 2013 -Winners' Stories

    IF! Britain asked the young people of Britain 'How would you improve Britain?' The top 3 winners received £1000, £500 and a 5* Holiday!

  • Thales awards MyKindaCrowd winners with 5 paid internships!

    11 Apr 2013 -Winners' Stories

    3 university teams competed to win 5 paid internships with Thales! Find out how Reading University won...

  • Winners Story : James Caan Challenge Under 16's!

    19 Mar 2013 -Winners' Stories

    A team of students headed over to the James Caan HQ to pitch their winning idea to Hanah Caan.

  • McDonald's Winners Day!

    19 Mar 2013 -Winners' Stories

    Find out how the winners day went at the McDonald's HQ in March and how Bradely McKenny won!

  • Winners Blog- Miriam Woodburn

    05 Mar 2013 -Winners' Stories

    This is relatively easy and quick to do, if you follow my ten top tips to boost your CV and market yourself to potential employers.

  • McDonald's Finalists

    26 Feb 2013 -Winners' Stories

    The ‘Get Experienced’ McDonald’s challenge saw 327 submissions. Here are the top 10!

  • Guest Blog: Yasmin Islam

    19 Feb 2013 -Winners' Stories

    Teenagers – the most misunderstood people in the world. According to the stereotype we are all loud, rude, arrogant children trying to act like adults. Why?

  • Guest Blog: Jared Gobey

    07 Feb 2013 -Winners' Stories

    The very first blog to get published from the Blog competition! Check it out!

  • image

    Winner's Story : James Caan Challenge

    23 Jan 2013 -Winners' Stories

    Iman Fadei won the James Caan challenge and completed a one week work experience in London!

  • image

    Winner's Story: More! Magazine - Grace

    15 Jan 2013 -Winners' Stories

    Grace completed a 2 week experience at More! Magazine after winning the challenges! Find out what she did on her experience...

  • image

    Winner's Story: McDonalds ' Get Experienced '

    10 Jan 2013 -Winners' Stories

    The winners from the McDonalds Challenge ' Get Experienced ', their submissions and the McDonalds Apprentice style day at McDonalds HQ in London!

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    Winner's Story : Gripple

    06 Dec 2012 -Winners' Stories

    Gripple 'Innovating for the environment' challenge! The overall winner was Meadowview Primary School, with Aston Lodge School, Dinngton Primary School and Wath Central Primary School as runners up!

  • image

    Winner's Story : Fujitsu

    04 Dec 2012 -Winners' Stories

    Fujitsu Winners : Bexley Grammar School and Ryan England are awarded their £1000 prizes!

  • image

    Winner's Story! Kyah Ellis Watches Warhorse In Theatre!

    01 Nov 2012 -Winners' Stories

    2012 has definitely been a year of the remake and reproduction.

  • image

    MyKindaCrowd First Young Student Ambassador!

    20 Sep 2012 -Winners' Stories

  • image

    Dragons Day: James Caan HQ!

    20 Sep 2012 -Winners' Stories

  • image

    SuperJam Winners!

    17 Sep 2012 -Winners' Stories

  • image

    Winner's Story: Thomas Rule Meets Robert Deas

    12 Sep 2012 -Winners' Stories

  • image

    Sauce Competition Winners

    17 Aug 2012 -Winners' Stories

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