30 ideas to help Entrepreneurs (< 18)
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We want your solutions! What help could we provide to ensure young entrepreneurs succeed? The sky is the limit - so think big and think creatively. Have your say and help young people succeed.

Challenge details

RBS wants to support more young people succeed in starting their own business. The bank has an incredible network of connections and can offer many of the resources needed to get going in business. 

 But the bank needs your help: to find out what are the top 30 most important tools, tips and support initiatives that young entrepreneurs need to succeed. 

What could RBS, the government, society or any other organisation could do to ensure the success of a young entrepreneur? 

This could include ideas about finance, connectivity, ideas generation, mentorship, knowledge or anything else that you think would really help. Examples might include things like: a dedicated financial advice hotline, a mentoring programme focusing on young entrepreneurs or grants for young people.  

What do YOU think young entrepreneurs need? RBS wants your help to find out what should be on the top 30 list. Share your ideas and win a reward from RBS.



RBS is aware how important it is to give young people in the UK the right conditions to achieve their full potential. That’s why RBS is launchingInspiring Enterprise which is targeted at enabling young people, women and social entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into strong performing businesses. On the 8th October 2012 RBS launched its first phase of RBS Inspiring Enterprise which will be targeted at helping young entrepreneurs – Inspiring Youth Enterprise.  

To find out more on how RBS is helping young people to turn their dreams into successful enterprise please  visit www.rbs.com/inspiringenterprise


RBS Inspiring Enterprise

At RBS, we’re committed to promoting economic growth and to fostering the right conditions for people to turn their ideas into business success. RBS Inspiring Enterprise is how we encourage more people in more communities to explore enterprise, build their skills and start up in business. We want to ensure young entrepreneurs both know about and have access to our range of financial services, whilst also building on our work with the youth enterprise sector to help close the generational enterprise gap.  

Between now and 2015 we will help 100,000 young people (under 30s) to explore enterprise, develop their enterprising skills and start up in business, whatever their background.  This 100,000 is in addition to those young people we support every day as our customers through our business banking products and services. 

We will also provide an RBS Inspiring Youth Enterprise funding pot of £1.5 million over three years to provide grants up to £50k to organisations across the UK that encourage and support youth enterprise.

Our award-winning partnership with the Prince’s Trust has been extended for another three years to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds get the support they need to start up in business.

Our student enterprise programmes – RBS ESSA and RBS EnterprisingU, aimed at encouraging, rewarding and recognising undergraduates’ enterprising activities across the UK have been renewed for a second year. 

We will send our Mobile Business School to campuses and communities across the UK to provide an opportunity for young people to gain support and advice from us and our partners.

RBS recently launched a new report, Closing the Generational Start-Up Gap, which takes a fresh look at the efficiency of the UK’s entrepreneurial system.



Get involved

• Your submission can be as simple as one sentence.

• Think Creatively – don’t be the person who just says ‘money’!

• If you prefer to detail the reasons behind your idea then go ahead.  


Get rewarded

The top 30 ideas will be published in paper and electronic books The student with the best idea will:

• Have the choice of an executive business suit OR a brand new iPad

• An invitation to London to receive a half day pitching master-class, before practicing your new skills and pitching to RBS decision makers!




How To Enter

1) Watch the challenge.

2) Upload your ideas as a word document a pdf, or get creative and upload an image file.

If you need any help uploading your submission or have any questions, get in touch and we'll be glad to help

(All submissions are reviewed by our team, please ensure yours is completed in full as any empty or false submissions will be removed and any points awarded deducted from your points total)

The Prizes

iPad or Executive Suit, plus a Pitching master-class