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HSBC want to know what your values are and how you live by them every day! 

Challenge details

Personal values help define HSBC's belief systems, attitudes towards issues, people, work and their general behaviour. Most organisations around the world have also established their own set of values that they want their employees to live and work by. Large organisations such as HSBC, often look to recruit people who already share the same values.

HSBC employ over 330,000 people across the world and in order to create a consistent culture, help define the way employees think about business and how people work, they have developed three core values:

Dependable and do the right thing

Open to different ideas and cultures

Connected to customers, communities, regulators and each other

HSBC would love to know about a time when you have displayed the above values in your everyday life. Maybe you are friends with people from different cultures, maybe you are someone people can always rely on or you are passionate about your local community. 

You can present your answer in the form of a story, poem, video, a captioned photograph, advert, be as creative as you want!

If you are successful, you will be invited to a MyKindaCrowd and HSBC Skills Insight and Assessment Day where you will learn a range of employability skills related to Investment Banking. 

The Prize

Successful candidates from the Skills Insight and Assessment Day will have the opportunity to participate in one of following work experience programmes: 

Inspiring Potential Insight Day 
This is a unique workshop where you will have the opportunity to learn more about HSBC and their culture. It is a one day workshop that will include networking with business representatives across all HSBC divisions which will enable you to get a sense of the varying roles available. The 'Inspiring Potential' insight day has been designed to give you an insightful experience and help you make informed decisions regarding your career. 
The Aspiring Female Potential Programme 
The programme will give you an insight into the world of investment banking and you'll be offered a glimpse of what the future could hold for you.
You'll spend three days with HSBC learning about the various functions of a global investment bank, meeting inspirational people from across organisation, and developing skills that will be beneficial not only at school but at university and beyond. It's a chance for you to strengthen your CV and gain practical networking opportunities for your future. 



How To Enter

Once you have your ideas, you can submit them in the following formats. 

  • Word Document
  • PDF
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • If you have completed your entry on paper, please scan your submission and upload as a JPEG
  • You can upload your submission as a video/audio file, or include a link in a word document to a video you have uploaded to YouTube
When thinking about entering this challenge please make sure you fit these criteria first:
  • You are in year 12 or 13 from a state School or College
  • You attend a School or College in London or within commuter distance to HSBC’s London office 
  • You are in the first generation in your immediate family to attend University OR are eligible for free school meals 
  • You are free to attend the Skills Insight and Assessment Day on April 2th and have permission from your school and family to do so. 
*Your transport costs to the Skills Insight and Assessment Day and the work experience programmes will be covered
** If difficult or sensitive to obtain information about free school meals, you should attend a school that has 40% or more students eligible for free school meals. 
If you need any help uploading your submission or have any questions, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

The Prizes

The Opportunity to attend a MyKindaCrowd and HSBC Skills Insight and Assessment Day. Work experience on either the HSBC Inspiring Potential Insight Day or Aspiring Female Potential Programme