Intelligent Aid 2014/15
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Win a place on the fantastic Clifford Chance vacation scheme by answering one question.


Challenge details

Intelligent Aid is the competition that asks big questions about the modern world – and your answer could get your commercial law career off to a flying start...

Clifford Chance is offering you the unique opportunity to bypass the traditional route of online applications and assessment days, to win a place on their prestigious vacation scheme.

To enter, all you have to do is write a 500 word essay answer to the above question and then submit it via the firm’s website before January 31st 2015.

The challenge is open to all undergraduates and post graduates students, irrespective of the degree subject that you are studying. What’s most important is your display of intellect, creativity and understanding of the topic – and your ability to write with impact!

The Big Question

'The rule of law is essential in ensuring an economy's success.' Discuss with reference to one or more jurisdictions of your choice.

The rule of law is fundamental if a country is to attract foreign investment, build a modern democracy and achieve strong economic growth. Yet the concept itself encompasses a broad range of ideas and can be measured in different ways, and it can be difficult to establish a connection between legal reform and economic success in different countries at varying stages of development. You could approach the question from a number of different perspectives, whether your interests lie in history, economics, current affairs or legal theory. From a business perspective, when our clients evaluate business opportunities, whether in developed economies or emerging ones, they will consider both the legal risks and the economic growth potential of the environment in which they will be doing business.

Whatever approach you choose to take, this topic is one that has been at the heart of much controversy and debate throughout the centuries and Clifford Chance are very much looking forward to reading your submission!

The Prize

Intelligent Aid demands the kind of enthusiasm, curiosity and intellectual edge that’ll make you successful as a lawyer with Clifford Chance. That’s why the 40 best entrants will be invited to attend the final taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2015, and the top 20 entrants will win a place on the vacation scheme – bypassing the standard application process with the sheer quality of their thinking. The overall winner will be awarded £5000 towards their University fees and the group of winners will be given £1000 to donate to a charity of their choice from the list of charities Clifford Chance already support.

When can I submit my entry?

The competition opens on October 1st 2014 and closes at midnight on January 31st 2015.

Join a university workshop

We are hosting a number of university workshops to introduce the challenge and help you understand how to write a winning entry. If you are interested in attending one of the below workshops then please email for more details.

  • University of Sussex - 2nd October 2014
  • University of Leeds - 13th October 2014
  • University of East Anglia - 15th October 2014
  • Swansea University - 15th October 2014
  • University of Kent - 16th October 2014
  • University of York - 20th October 2014
  • University of Bedfordshire - 21st October 2014
  • University of Birmingham - 22nd October 2014
  • University of Southampton - 22nd October 2014
  • Cardiff University - 29th October 2014
  • University of Exeter - 29th October 2014
  • City University London - 30th October 2014
  • University of Leicester - 5th November 2014
  • University of Manchester- 5th November 2014
  • Lancaster University - 13th November 2014

How To Enter

Submit your entry via the Clifford Chance Intelligent Aid webpage here.

Good Luck!


Clifford Chance