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Using a just a handful of readily available tech, your challenge is to develop a new way of training people. Forget multi-million-pound simulators! Your toolkit consists of: PC/Mac, webcam, monitors, tablet, X-box, super-fast broadband, joystick, 4G mobile with GPS.

Challenge details

This challenge is ideal for team responses, or if you have some tech and engineering skills!

Your challenge is to design a 'free' (or very low-cost) training system to meet a civil or military training need.

For example, you may want to develop a remote training system for third-world machinery operators, or perhaps a training system for people hit by natural disasters. The target audience is up to you.

You may use any or all of the following;

  1. Social networking sites
  2. Apps from Google Play or Apple (free Apps only)
  3. Video streaming (like Skype)
  4. Any other free software
  5. PC or Mac computer
  6. Webcam, monitor, mouse, keyboard, joystick
  7. Tablet computers
  8. X-box, PS3, Wii or similar
  9. Mobile devices with 3G or 4G, GPS, Accelerometer, wifi
  10. Super-fast broadband
  11. You can of course undertake basic software development.
Thales and MyKindaCrowd will not own, or seek to own, any IP that you develop.
Get Involved

Your response should include the following details;

  1. Example of how it works and at least one interactive training scenario (the example should show how two or more geographically dispersed 'players' take part)
  2. A 'how-to' guide or course content
  3. A way to display results

Thales and MyKindaCrowd will not own, or seek to own, any IP that you develop.

The Prize

The best ideas will be offered paid internships. There are 5 paid internships up available


How To Enter

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The Prizes

A Paid Internship