How do we put the Energy back into Energy Companies?
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How do we put the Energy back into Energy Companies?

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Energy is the lifeblood of modern society and the foundation of our economic and personal wellbeing. However, the relationship between energy providers and customers is changing: from being a supplier of ‘invisible’ power or gas, we now offer energy services, products and energy efficiency measures. It is a dynamic industry making daily decisions that directly affect the economy; it’s complex and diverse, making it a fascinating place to work.

However, Energy companies are now seen as less trustworthy than bankers and politicians and stand accused of profiteering, even though the facts don’t match the media hype. We know that customer service levels need to improve and increasing prices need to be explained. Levels of trust have decreased across the industry and particularly for npower - with our customers, the general public, media and Government.

What can npower do to positively engage everyone whilst still managing to remain profitable in a competitive market?

We want you, in 500 words, to tell us 'How do we put the Energy back into Energy Companies?'

The deadline to enter this challenge is the 10th February 2014.


We will be running a number of workshops at Universities across the country to help support students in entering this challenge. Please find the dates, times and Universities we will be visiting below:

Bradford University – 28th January. 12pm – 2pm

Kent University – 29th January. 1pm - 2.30pm

LSE  University– 31st January. 4pm - 5.30pm

Nottingham University- 4th February. 1pm - 2.15pm

Nottingham Trent University – 4th February. 10am – 12pm

UWE  University– 7th February. 12pm – 2pm

The Prize

The winning team will receive £500 per person, plus a summer internship each with npower. Plus it’s also an opportunity to meet some inspiring and motivational business men and women who will give you a great insight into a world leading organisation.


How To Enter

This challenge needs to be completed in groups of  4 students. Once you have decided on your idea, you can choose to submit your 500 word entry in the following formats:

  • Word Document
  • PDF
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • If you have completed your entry on paper, please scan your submission and upload as a JPEG

Please include:

  • The name of your university
  • What you are studying
  • Where you heard about the challenge
  • What year of university you are currently in

(These answers will not be included in your 500 word submission)

If you need any help uploading your submission or have any questions, get in touch and we'll be happy to help



The Prizes

The winning team will receive £500 per person & a paid summer internship with npower


Check out this blog written by one of last years energy challenge finalists, on why you should enter today!