Experience the Future (12-18yrs)
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Use technology to bring the dining experience of 2020 to 2012

Challenge details

Can you imagine the dining experience of the future?

How will they serve food? Maybe restaurants will have your order waiting for you? Perhaps your experience will start before you step into the restaurant? How will technology transform your dining experience?

The big changes in the future dining experience will come from technology; apps, software, new products, devices and fresh ideas will change our dining experience over the next 5, 10, 20 years!

And this is where you have an opportunity! Your challenge is to come up with ideas on how technology will change the McDonald's restaurant experience. Think creatively, be imaginative, we want to hear your fresh ideas! How can you bring the dining experience of 2020 to 2012?

The Prize

1 day all expenses paid experience at McDonald’s Head Office;

• Meet at McDonald’s Head Office to work with the McDonald’s team to develop your ideas further. 

• Pitch your developed concept to top Managers – who will decide on winners that day and award a prize. 

• If the idea is good enough then it could become reality: you and your team will help implement*

Head Home after a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience and an amazing addition to your CV, record of achievement. PLUS, the winning team will be invited to a McDonald’s event day.  

* depending on the idea itself.     

How to get started? 

Team up! You can have a team of up to 5 members! Or if you'd prefer to work in a smaller group or on your own we'd still love to hear your ideas!

Perhaps you already know of some new tech ideas that are yet to hit the head-lines that would be perfect for this? Or some ideas that are being used in different industries that could be really effective for improving a dining experience? What would improve your dining experience? You can research some latest ideas on sites like www.springwise.com

Imagine your own experience from the moment you get hungry, to your restaurant visit, through to the moment you arrive back home. How could each step be improved with technology?  

How to submit your ideas

We’d like to hear your suggestions clear and simple. Follow the headings below to construct your word document submission 

Which moment of the dining experience do you think can be improved? (50 words max)

For example: ‘We believe that technology can have the biggest positive impact at the precise moment when customers enter the restaurant’ 

Why have you chosen this moment? (50 words max)

For example: ‘This is when technology can help to create a good first impression’  

How will you use technology to improve this moment? (50 words max)

For example: ‘We have chosen personalized mood-lighting and personalized music’

How will this improve the dining experience for customers? (50 words max)

For example: ’This will make customers feel individually special, and make them feel relaxed’

Get Creative!

Finally as part of your submission we want you to design a poster or come up with a tag line advertising your new and improved dining experience idea! 

For example: 'Whatever your mood let McDonald's make your day!"

Good Luck

The Prizes

Work with McDonald's on your idea