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Choose a food you eat regularly and tell us exactly where you think the raw ingredients originate from. 

Challenge details

What is the origin of what we eat and drink?

How much do you really know about where your food comes from? Do you know how and where the raw ingredients (e.g. cocoa, wheat, meat or fish - any raw food source.) are farmed and harvested? 



Knowledge around where our food comes from is now a hot topic. More so with recent news headlines highlighting how untraceable it is to know exactly where our food comes from. As the younger generation do you want to know more about where your food comes from? And how can manuafacturers do this in a way that doesn't confuse you? 

Nestlé UK & Ireland is committed to providing safe, responsibly produced food and beverages of the highest quality. In 2012, Nestlé UK & Ireland launched the Creating Shared Value Plan which includes a range of targets from reducing water use to sourcing certified sustainable cocoa.

To get you thinking about food provenance we want you to choose a food you eat regularly  and tell us exactly where you think the raw ingredients originate from. Explain the journey it goes on from farm to fork, and highlight what else food manufacturers could be doing to educate young people in the area of food provenance. 

Be creative with your entry! Perhaps design an infographic on how cocoa is sourced, produce a video on where and how wheat is harvested or create a presenation detailing the whole journey of a raw ingredient!

Food for thought...

  • How was this raw ingredient farmed 50 years ago?
  • How is it farmed today?
  • Is it sustainable?
  • Could this raw ingredient die out?
  • How much of it is consumed globally?
  • What affects the environment it lives in?
  • What practices are used during it's harvest? 

Regardless of what anyone eats, we need to know what we are eating, where our food is from, and how it was produced. So go on, tell us what you know for a chance to win some great prizes!

The Prize

  • £100 voucher for a leading supermarket
  • Food experience for you and your class / friends 

The closing date for all entries is the 27th May.


How To Enter

Once you have decided on your idea, you can choose to submit your entry in the following formats:

  • Word Document
  • PDF
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Image as a JPEG, PNG or TIF 
  • Video - you can upload your submission as a video/audio file, or include a link in a word document to a video you have uploaded to YouTube
  • If you have completed your entry on paper, please scan your submission and upload as a JPEG

If you need any help uploading your submission or have any questions, get in touch and we'll be glad to help!

(All submissions are reviewed by our team, please ensure yours is completed in full as any empty or false submissions will be removed and any points awarded deducted from your points total)


The Prizes

£100 voucher for a leading supermarket and a food master-class for your class or friends