What would you do with the world's most powerful computer? (over 18)
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Working with the RIKEN research institute in Japan, Fujitsu has recently announced the world’s most powerful computer – the K Computer.

Fujitsu is now looking for creative minds to address the challenge: ‘What would you do with the world’s most powerful computer?’

Challenge details

Every day we’re faced with problems that are hard to solve. In Fujitsu we are committed to solving difficult problems in a way that will improve the lives of people around the World.

Our aim is to enable a prosperous future for the society in which we operate through the exploitation of new technologies like Supercomputing. 

The K Computer

The K Computer can process large-scale advanced computations and generate computer simulations too complex for conventional computers to handle. 

Computer simulations make it possible to reproduce and investigate phenomena which are difficult to experiment on in real life, like carrying out road safety testing on cars, developing new medicines or improving disaster-prevention technology.

What are we looking for?

The Fujitsu Challenge isn’t just about science & technology; we want to hear your creative & innovative ideas. What would you do with the world’s most powerful computer?

• Solve complex questions about life and the universe?

• Help scientists develop new technology to reduce global warming?

• Develop ways of recording, classifying and actioning your thoughts intuitively.

• Calculate the exact time & temperature required to make the perfect slice of toast?


What should you submit?

Your entry can take ANY form. We are looking for imaginative, innovative submissions, so feel free to express your creativity. You could write a magazine piece? Create a movie? Design a billboard? Write a poem? Compose a song? Start an initiative? Take a photograph? Paint a picture? Produce a web page or PowerPoint? Write an essay? Draw a comic strip? Send an email? Create a sculpture

The Fujitsu Career Fund

Fujitsu will award the winner with £1,000 to help launch their career. You might use the prize to

• Help you set up your own business?

• Hire studio space to exhibit your artwork?

• Purchase technology that improves the quality of your work?

• Fund transport costs to help you take a new work opportunity?

• Invest in training that will improve your career prospects?

• Hire a venue to run your own event?


How to enter

• Click "Join Challenge".
• Submit your idea by uploading it to MyKindaCrowd before the closing date

• Explain what you would do with the £1,000 careers fund and how it will make a difference to your career. (250 words maximum)

Inspiration and more information


The Prizes

£1000 to kick-start your career