Reimagined Learning 2016
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At Three, we believe everyone has the power to think outside the box and use their imagination to reinvent and make a real difference. To break the status quo, right the wrongs and change the game. That’s why we’ve come up with the Reimagined Learning programme, to make learning about the world of work a little more interesting and you could be involved!


Challenge details

About Reimagined Learning 


Three’s 3 day Reimagined Learning programme invites you to step behind the scenes at Three HQ and join employees in a unique opportunity to develop your confidence and presentation skills, while engaging with a variety of different audiences and collaborating with individuals from across their business


You’ll find out more about the telecommunications industry and the career opportunities within it, as well as getting a chance to inspire the next generation to consider what the digital world has to offer them. 


If you fancy taking part in this programme all you need to do is tell us:


• Why you would like to learn more about Three and the careers in their industry.

• Why you would like to be part of this programme.




Some ideas:


Perhaps you want improve your presentation skills or you might want to network with employees from Three. You might not know a lot about the sector, but are keen to explore a career in technology.

There’s a ton of reasons to want to get involved. What's yours?


One of last year's students said:

"The most surprising thing about this experience was that it gave me much more than I originally anticipated. It has helped me overcome my fear of presenting, forced me to become more adaptable to changing circumstances, and humbled me by teaching me many things that I never knew before. I loved every bit of it."


How To Enter

If you would like to submit a written entry, please do not exceed 500 words.


If however you want to do something a little more creative to make your entry stand out; perhaps a short video, series of photos or a written submission as a newspaper article, poem or , song you are encouraged to do so! 


Once you have prepared your entry, you can submit it online.



Terms and conditions


  • You are currently attending university in the UK
  • You are enthusiastic and excited about the programme! 


The Prizes

A place on the programme!


About Three

About Careers with Three

Read about Oli's experience on the programme