Concern Universal

Concern Universal


About Concern Universal

We create opportunities for people around the world to improve their lives and shape their own futures. By building skills and connecting people at all levels in society, we help communities deliver practical solutions with long term impact.

  • 572 employees: 26 in coordination & support team in UK, significant capacity infield offices
  • Board of 9 voluntary trustees
  • 4,100 Associate Members
  • 15 Business Advocates - African and European business leaders
  • Over 60 locally-based partners

Established in 1976, today we are helping over 1.5 million people each year in 9 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America: Channelling approx £15 million per year to support community-led development.

  • Better health
  • Less hunger
  • Improved skills
  • Greater respect for rights & reduced vulnerability

Our Challenges