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About Horatio Investments

Our ethos is simple; We invest in great people. We work alongside them to help realise their full potential. We manage 20 million pounds, to invest in start-ups and early stage companies.  There are two things that sets us apart from traditional venture capital company.

  1. Firstly, with every investment we make, we provide a team of experts to help the founders. 
  2. Secondly, we invest in young people, either still in education or who have just left.

We think that backing a business is not just about money. Of course Young entrepreneurs need financial support but they ALSO need access to expertise. That's why Horatio have built a great team of entrepreneurs and business people with a proven track record.

This team works closely with the companies we invest in. They help them overcome the challenges that all growing businesses face. Our approach to gives young entrepreneurs the greatest chances of success - a sentiment that is echoed by the businesses we are already working with.


Our Challenges