About IF!Britain

IF!Britain is managed by Professionals Network, ‘ProNet’ believes they can create a network for professionals, which allows the exchange of ideas, tips and knowledge of their industries. 

"We aim to create a vivid network of professionals in which all members can enhance their social and professional lives.”

IF!Britain is otherwise known as ‘Ideas for Britain’; is on a social mission to bring young people from diverse backgrounds and cultures together. Their aims are to improve Britain, and also to get young people better connected with businesses and professionals.

IF!Britain have recognised that our nation currently faces many problems, such as high unemployment rates, health risks and a rise in tuition fees at university. The good news is that we can solve these problems and can help our failing economy.

IF!Britain are calling upon young people to suggest ideas on how Britain’s current state can be improved. Whether this is from encouraging more people to eat vegetables, or more added support from government bodies. The choice is yours!


Our Challenges