About Logica

Logica is now part of CGI, a leading business and technology services company with 72,000 professionals in more than 40 countries serving 10,000 clients. But there’s much more to us than size. Our expertise has helped banks transfer money securely and has sent satellites into space. We sent the first text, built the largest database in the world and delivered the first ever 3G messaging platform. We’ve achieved a lot in 40 years, but we’re always looking to tomorrow. And we see a brilliant future.

Whether we’re developing software solutions, helping our global clients to integrate systems or are working with big businesses to make the most of the latest technological trends, our success is down to our people. Experts in their field, they work closely with clients to deliver crucial change, manage key outsourced operations and take existing technology to the next level. This is what makes us different; we put people, business and technology together. And we always get to know our clients and their industries intimately.

Are we about to rest on our laurels? Not a bit of it. Like all forward-thinking companies, we’re restless by nature. We’re driven by the desire to innovate. Great business ideas, in our view, don’t come out of the ether. They require inspiration and perspiration, but also communication and collaboration. If that’s the environment you aspire to join, there could be a great future for you here. 


We have 4 routes in: Graduates, Industrial Placements, Sponsored Degree Programme and Apprenticeships http://logica-graduates.co.uk/

Our Challenges