Pineapple Dance Studios

Pineapple Dance Studios


About Pineapple Dance Studios


Pineapple Dance Studios was founded by English model and businesswoman, Debbie Moore, in 1979. The studio was founded with the aim of breaking down the elitist barriers surrounding dance, making dance accessible to everyone. 

The studio, in London’s Covent Garden, runs over 200 dance classes each week. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional dancer there is a class for you. You can even take advantage of the drop-in classes! 

The dance styles which Pineapple offer are the widest in Europe. 

The Clothes!

The Pineapple clothing brand, which has been an enormous success, is sold not only in the Covent Garden store opposite the Dance Studio, but is on sale in stores across the UK. The Pineapple clothes are worn by dancers and celebrities alike!



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