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About Silver Skills

Our aim at Silver Skills is to give people the right practical skills to help them get into the job market and get a job. With all the challenges facing people today we feel that the more knowledge, skills and confidence we can give them the easier it will be for them to get the job they are looking for.

We see their skill set as something that is malleable, able to fit a variety of jobs and roles. Through 1 day seminars we will show the candidates how to see their skill set in a new light, improve interview technique, understand that having different CV’s are possible to help broaden the job horizon and build confidence with the overall goal to get them back in to work.

This will be accomplished on 1 day seminars, split between 3 separate core values.

The first of these core values will be breaking down the candidates own beliefs and misconceptions.What they are and are not capable of based on their skill set. Making them see that in today’s climate the candidate that is most capable of adapting their skill set is the person that is quickest finding a job.

The second of these core values will be c.v. writing. A c.v is a hook to get your foot in the door so to speak and we will show candidates how to adapt their CV so that they highlight certain skills based on the job role that they are going for. Over several years we all build skills up that can be used in different ways than originally intended. Whether that be from education or from work we can adapt these skills to help make the candidates c.v more attractive to employers.

Core value three will be all about selling yourself. The only way to get a job is to be noticed for the right reasons. How to present yourself when sitting across from an interviewer can be a very intimidating experience, there are methods for decreasing this stress and basic understanding of the answers that are required.

The advice we give is the same, let’s look at your skill set, lets look at the job market and lets see where we can go. In truth we always ask the candidates the same questions, what skills do you have from your last job or from your education?. Once this is established we ask them to tell us how one of those skills could be adapted to suit different roles.

We will show people how to get the best out of themselves, their c.v and any job interview they go to.

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