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<p class="\&quot;MsoNormal\&quot;" style="\&quot;text-align:" justify;="" margin:="" 0cm="" 0pt;\"="">At SuperJam we believe that jam should be 100% pure fruit; sweetened with grape juice and made using Super Fruits, such as blueberries and cranberries.

SuperJam was created by Scottish teenager Fraser Doherty, when he was aged just 14, using his Gran\'s secret jam recipes!
SuperJam rose from some very humble beginnings, after Fraser’s Gran taught him her top secret recipe for jam. Next came something of a \'eureka\' moment when he realised that he could make it himself, and sell it door-to-door in the local area.
Fraser started simply, by going to the supermarket and investing £2 in a dozen oranges and a bag of sugar. He filled a plastic bucket with six jars of homemade marmalade and started knocking on doors, charming all the old ladies in the village where he lived. The first six houses that Fraser visited all bought a jar of marmalade so it was clear that it was a good idea from the outset. Fraser then made a batch of 12 jars, then 24 and so on until, a couple of years later, he was making thousands of jars of jam each month. SuperJam now supplies major UK supermarkets, selling over 500,000 jars a year! SuperJam has won a variety of awards and is even included in a museum exhibit as an example of an ‘Iconic Scottish Food Brand’.
SuperJam also invest in running “SuperJam Tea Parties” for elderly people who live alone, in care homes or in sheltered housing. SuperJam has hosted over 125 events across the UK, with live music, dancing and, of course, scones and SuperJam. Up to 500 guests attend each of these events and they are growing in popularity every month.
Now 22, Fraser was recently named \'Global Student Entrepreneur of The Year\', the first ever winner from outside North America.
You can follow Fraser and SuperJam on twitter @fraserdoherty.
Or on facebook simply by searching for SuperJam.


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