Twist and Pulse

Twist and Pulse


About Twist and Pulse

Twist & Pulse are Ashley Glazebrook (Twist) and Glen Murphy (Pulse)!

Glen and Ashley met at the Brit School of Performing Arts and Technology where they were both studying for a BTEC National Diploma in Dance. They quickly became friends and found that they shared a similar sense of humour which they quickly showed to others when they were together. They both shared the same taste in music and both loved to create set music for their dance groups and the college itself.

College itself was coming to an end for Glen and Ashley, however, they both wanted to leave with a bang and so decided to put on a duet together – little did they realise where it would take them. They began rehearsing together and creating material whilst intertwining their sense of humour between the choreography. The piece was performed and the crowd went crazy, this reaction pushed them to carry on the duet outside of college ultimately taking them to Britain’s Got Talent!

Twist & Pulse always say “There’s nothing better in life than to laugh, and there’s nothing better in our life than Street Dance. Put them together and you have... Twist & Pulse!”

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