United World Schools

United World Schools


About United World Schools

UWS is an independent charity providing the opportunity to read, write and count to children who have been denied access to education.

We build schools and support communities by providing a free basic education for these children.

Our Mission

Our global mission is to help reach the 77 million children of school age (44 million of which are girls) that the United Nations estimates still do not receive even the most basic education.

Our Vision

Our vision is to teach the unreached in providing education to over 100,000 children per year in post-conflict and developing countries who, for whatever reason, have been denied access to education.

United World Schools provides a flexible education model that is simple yet effective in the most remote regions where there is no provision of education for children.

We work in full partnership with local community leaders – seeking the support of district authorities and the agreement of national governments.

United World Schools aims to empower the youth of today with a sense of global responsibility and understanding of the circumstances of children elsewhere in the world.

Our Challenges