About vInspired

vInspired is a charity that helps young people discover the value of volunteering – for themselves and for others. It uses the power of online to inspire offline actions, offering easy-to-access opportunities and support for young people to get involved with good causes in their communities.

vInspired connects young people with volunteering opportunities.

vInspired was created in 2006 as a result of the Russell Commission Report, A National Framework for Youth Action and Engagement.

Its work is funded by the Office of the Third Sector and by over 150 companies, trusts & foundations and private individuals, through the match fund scheme, which doubles the value of new investments in youth volunteering.

We recognise and promote the skills, experience and confidence which can be gained through volunteering, and campaigns to have the benefits of volunteering recognised by everyone.

The vInspired awards provide formal recognition of the time and skills invested by young volunteers, and of the resulting benefits to people, communities and the environment. Through our partnerships, the private sector, government and wider society is increasingly valuing young volunteers.


Our Challenges