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War Child


About War Child

Our Vision: War Child looks forward to a world in which the lives of children are no longer torn apart by war.

Our Mission: War Child’s mission is to support and improve the protection and care of children and young people who live with a combination of insecurity, poverty and exclusion in some of the worst conflict-affected places.

War Child is a specialist agency. We work in countries devastated by armed conflict. We need to be organised and imaginative enough to operate amongst multiple risks. We need to have the persistence and skill to help children suffering the worst effects of violence including child soldiers, victims of rape and abduction, disabled children and street children. We are often very close to the fighting, but we need to be committed to standing by children and families long enough to provide them the best possible assistance in overcoming their experiences.

War Child has run a successful schools programme since 2007 to help increase awareness about the situation facing children living In conflict and encourage action from their peers living in the the UK

Our Challenges