About WaterAid

Over 750 million people in the world do not have access to safe water and 2.5 billion (that is two fifths of the world’s population) do not have a safe, clean place to go to the toilet. Almost 2000 children die every day as a result.

WaterAid is working to change this. We are an international charity focused exclusively on improving poor people’s access to safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation. These basic human rights underpin health, education and livelihoods, forming the first essential step in overcoming poverty.

We work with local partners who understand local issues in Africa, Asia and the Pacific Region, and provide them with the skills and support to help communities set up and manage practical and sustainable projects that meet their real needs.

We also work locally and internationally to change policy and practice and ensure that water, hygiene and sanitation’s vital role in reducing poverty is recognised.

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Our Challenges