Digital Chat & Why you should use it

Digital Chat & Why you should use it

Friday, 9th of September

Digital Chat & Why you should use it

We recently surveyed over 250 16-24 year olds on how they feel when applying for jobs, 60% of respondents said they felt nervous during this time period. This statistic highlights a need for further support, we need to make sure young people feel they have someone to turn to with the questions they have. This prompted us to feel we needed a more in-depth, qualitative understanding to how young people feel so we interviewed young job seekers about how they felt in the lead up to completing a job application or attending an assessment centre:

“I feel quite concerned as I don't have a vast amount of experience so I may feel unsure as to what I am expected to do. “

“I would like a place to be able to chat freely and not worry about being judged for my questions, also think it would be helpful to have help in how to prepare myself”

“It would be good if there was a chat function available with the company I am applying to, for any burning questions I have”

From having this in-depth conversation, this reinforced that young people really do need to be better supported during this time period; over the period of your recruitment cycle, it is important there are continuous engagement points; this could via events, digital solutions or competitions.  By having these touch points, you are humanising the recruitment process, and providing further support to those who need it.

At MyKindaFuture, we are building products for our clients that put them where our young people are – online. Online chats are popular with young people as it is a quick and easy way to communicate with their friends and it is also easily accessible wherever they are. Our digital chat approach provides young people with the chance to talk to you - the employer, in a safe environment and in a place that they can be inspired by others questions. It is an informal way to access a formal dialogue; it provides you with a way to connect with potential candidates in an approach that is familiar to the young person, therefore putting them at ease.

We use the online chat platform Meet & Engage to enable you to engage with large numbers of young people. Young people are invited to join chats to ask you questions; you as an employer moderate and answer questions privately or to the whole group depending on what is appropriate. This ensures you have complete control over how your brand is portrayed. The platform is branded to you and has a waiting room and exit room where video can be played to greet the young people and close out the discussion.

From our experience, young people find these chats informative and are incredibly grateful to the company for taking time out of their day to add an additional layer of support over and above the normal approach. Further to this, they love the immediacy of the chat; we live in a world where we expect responses in seconds, unfortunately this isn’t always that easy. Whereas with a digital chat, you choose the time and the date you want this interaction, and therefore you can provide this immediate response your candidates are looking for.  Candidate experience that is as good as your consumer experience is essential to successful recruitment strategies; communication at every stage of the recruitment process and using engagement tools that candidates and consumers expect leads to better hires and therefore better company outputs.

Vodafone has used the platform across all hiring areas, “We invite sourced or talent pooled candidates to meet with us online. We’ve had great turn-outs for hard to recruit roles like project and programme management and cyber security professionals. We were really impressed with the levels of engagement and the quality of the questions. At Vodafone we’re committed to better ways of working and creating this kind of impact with candidates with something as quick to deploy as chat is a smart approach.”

If you’re finding your candidates can become begrudged at the speed of responses, or your team are exasperated at the number of questions they have and therefore emails they have to respond to; our digital chat platform can help you! Get in touch

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