Graduate Q&A - Pre-boarding from a new starters perspective

Graduate Q&A - Pre-boarding from a new starters perspective

Tuesday, 22nd of August

Graduate Q&A - Pre-boarding from a new starters perspective

Now obviously, we are the biggest fans of our pre-boarding digital platform, connectr; but who better to hear from than graduates who experienced it first-hand! We interview Alice, a Vodafone graduate, who was travelling in the lead up to her day 1, and felt pre-boarding really embedded her into the Vodafone team. We also wanted to hear how it was for Jaime, a Skanska graduate, who was actually living in Spain during the lead up to the start of his grad scheme over here in London. Have a read to see how connectr helped bridge the gap for him, and made him feel more ready for day 1 in his construction role.

Why did you decide join Vodafone over any other graduate role?

Alice: I admired the culture and was made to feel extremely welcome and relaxed on my assessment centre day. I had also spoken to quite a few graduates on the programme who highly recommended it.

Jaime:  I decided to join Skanska over any other because I believe it is the company that best fit my career aspirations. Skanska has a very strong culture and values of which I felt identified straight away when I was looking for a Graduate position. I was also looking for a company where I could work on iconic and great projects and now I work on Battersea Power Station so I am extremely happy.


What did you think of your pre-boarding experience? & What would you rate it out of 10?

Alice: 10/10- We were kept regularly updated in the run up to our start date with welcome messages from the team and numerous modules about Vodafone Group, their internal systems and work etiquette modules. We could also access these through an app which meant you could watch them where ever you were.

Jaime: I think that it is a great experience to have that helped and prepared me for my first day at work, but what is more important to me is that I felt part of Skanska before even started working for it. I felt appreciated because I saw that the company invested and cared about my development at early stages, before even been an employee. I will rate it with a 9 out of 10. It is great, but there is always room for improvement.


Did you feel more bought into Vodafone’s values as a company, and why?

Alice: Our pre-boarding modules really educated us on ‘The Vodafone Way’ (how Vodafone works and what they stand for as company), this helped to make us feel part of the team from day one.

Jaime: While completing all different modules I was able to learn all about Skanska’s values and understand why those are important to us as a business. I started working on my first day with a clear understanding of Skanska’s culture and what was expected from me. I was engage with the company and its values from an early stage.


Did you feel more work-ready from doing the modules? & Which was the most useful module for you?

Alice: Yes, I had not used outlook or skype for business before which are tools we use every day at Vodafone to communicate so these modules were especially useful.

Jaime: I certainly felt more work-ready after completing all different modules. There were some material that I already knew and some other was common sense, but it is great and very helpful that someone remembers all these things to you so you are 100% ready for your first day. The most useful module for me was “Email Etiquette” because it taught me how to speak to other correctly via email which I wasn’t completely sure if I was doing it right.


If you could give any advice to graduate recruiters going forward, what would it be?

Alice: Concentrate on delivering the best candidate experience.

Jaime: Please do not overcomplicate Personal Interviews and Assessment Days. Graduates are already very nervous and stressed trying to impress you, so if you want to get the most out of them, make them feel comfortable and they will shine.


What advice would you give to new graduates looking for jobs?

Alice: Do your research! Find out what is it you want to do, if you’re not sure speak to professionals/ current graduates or do an internship/work experience. Ensure your values and beliefs match those of the company you want to work for, as well as making sure your LinkedIn is up to date.

Jaime: Start applying as soon as possible otherwise opportunities will be gone. I delayed my application process 6 months because I thought I wasn’t ready (personal judgment) which caused that I had to wait to the next year Skanska’s graduate intake.


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