Guest Blog: TCS - The Digital Explorer Hub

Guest Blog: TCS - The Digital Explorer Hub

Thursday, 10th of November

Guest Blog: TCS - The Digital Explorer Hub

TCS & MyKindaFuture Partnership

As part of TCS’ national IT Futures programme, we partner with MyKindaFuture to give young people a better idea of how digital skills can help them in their careers. To further improve the experience of our students, we have launched the Digital Explorer Hub, a single platform on MyKindaFuture for all digital interactions.

What is the hub?

The hub allows users - which we also call explorers - to create an online profile, build their CV and hear from both TCS and other explorers on best practice, advice and tips. The single sign-in platform also allows the students to arrange work experience, take part in online challenges and enter competitions with the chance of winning exclusive prizes such as exclusive work placements and the opportunity to attend exciting industry award shows. There is also an online chat tool allowing all explorers to interact with experts in real-time.

Our aim for the platform is to give users in-depth career insights and extend the benefits of our programme beyond the classroom, offering events, workshops and invaluable knowledge as they begin to think about which career path they would like to take.

Who have we worked with?

Through our work with MyKindaFuture, we have worked with hundreds of schools across the country, recruited 15 students onto the TCS’ MISSION YOU work experience programme and hosted seven online challenges with more than 600 participants.

Why technology?

Technology is now central to everything we do and TCS is challenging schools, universities, industry and the not-for-profit sector to help show young people how they can contribute to the digital worlds they inhabit. At TCS, we believe it is up to us to work with young people to encourage, as well as demonstrate, the value of a career in STEM.

The importance of tech to the UK economy and the need for a diverse and well-educated talent pool can’t be underestimated. Igniting that interest at key stages in young people’s education is at the heart of our TCS IT Futures programme.

Our success 

Since 2013, our IT Futures programme has helped reach over 60,000 young people and visited more than 600 schools across the UK. It has harnessed young people’s innate enthusiasm for technology and opened up exciting opportunities such as IT challenges, coding competitions and application design contests.

Find out more about our work with MyKindaFuture here and for further information on the IT Futures programme, please visit our website, here.

Yogesh Chauhan was appointed Director of Corporate Sustainability at Tata Consultancy Services in May 2012. His brief is to develop and oversee the company's sustainability and corporate affairs operations across UK and Ireland. He is presently delivering a range of community engagement, diversity, environmental, innovation and thought leadership initiatives designed to embed sustainability across the company and build trust in the brand. Yogesh also convenes the Tata Europe Network Forum’s Corporate Responsibility Working Group which brings together Tata companies operating across Europe to share and develop best practice as well as build the Group’s sustainability profile.

Yogesh was educated at the London School of Economics and previously worked at the BBC.

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