Careers Workshop with Nestlé

25 Jan 2017

14:00 - 17:00


Glasgow University Union Reading Room

This event is now over

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Are you ready to use your skills to tackle brand new challenges? Are you excited and keen to get a job that you are passionate about? If yes, this is exactly the workshop for you!

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“Are you ready to use the skills that you have acquired to tackle brand new challenges?”


“Are you excited and keen to get a job that you are passionate about?” A job that allows you to explore opportunities, to help you understand who you are, what you like and potentially a job that may allow you to make a significant change in other people’s lives?


If yes, this is exactly the workshop for you!


We at Nestle are keen on helping you maximise your potential. We understand and appreciate just how competitive the current job market is and we are eager to share top tips as well as key experiences which we strongly believe will help you stand out from the crowd in every job interview.


How will we do this?

Well it is simple, the Nestle Academy is densely populated with young talent with the potential to become future leaders. So we have decided one of the best ways to engage with you is to use a group young individuals once in your shoes not long ago. They will be covering the fundamental elements of this workshop – pulling from their experiences as a student, graduate and working professional to deliver what you will need to stand out.


So what will be doing?

The Academy will be hosting a 3 hour long comprehensive session packed with fun and effective activities, case studies and top tips.

Within this session we will be looking at possibly covering the following:

  1. Interview preparation
  2. Assessment centres (what are they really about?)
  3. Mock group tasks
  4. CV and Cover Letters
  5. Tips and Advice, Do’s and Don’ts
  6. Question and Answer Session
  7. What working at Nestle is like (including our list of schemes available)

So if you are aiming to gain that competitive advantage, looking to outshine everyone in the room or just improve on your general interview skills then this is the workshop for you.


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