Cisco Workshop with Manchester Bright Futures

12 Oct 2017

Bright Futures Society Event

University Place Room 6.208 Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9PL, UK

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12 Oct 2017, 17:00

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Cisco didn’t just build the Internet. We keep building it. First the Internet of computers. Then the Internet of people. Now the Internet of Everything. Our technology changes the way the world works, lives, plays and learns. But our edge doesn’t come from technology. It comes from our people. It begins with the knowledge that tomorrow starts here.

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Come along to the Cisco workshop hosted in collaboration with the Manchester Bright Futures Society to find out more and take part in an interactive sessions, On December 23, 2015, hackers obtained access to the computer network of a Ukrainian power distribution company in the western part of the country and managed to shut down power to approximately 225,000 residential customers and business. They have been preparing this attack for the better part of a year and they plunged a large part of the country in darkness just before Christmas. Do you want to know how the hackers did it? Then come along to the Cisco workshop and find out.

Cristi Grigore will be taking you through this interactive workshop. Cristi is a Systems Engineer Manager in the Cisco London office where he is responsible for a team of university graduates during their journey of becoming young professionals in Cisco's high performance sales force. Throughout his career, Cristi has worked as a Systems Engineer with companies in the energy and manufacturing sectors and covering the enterprise networking, security and data center architectures. He holds a CCIE certification (#23413) in Routing and Switching.

Even if you aren’t studying an IT related degree there are lots of roles and opportunities and Cisco are looking for students with a range of degrees and skills. Cisco believe that changing the future requires more than just a special ability. Playing and thinking outside the box is an essential part of what we do, meaning your mindset and personality are just as important as your skills.

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