Lloyds and Bristol Bright Futures Workshop

13 Nov 2017

18:00 - 19:30

Bright Futures Society Event

Arts Link 2, Faculty of Arts, University of Bristol, 3-5 Woodland Road, Bristol, BS8 1TB

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13 Nov 2017, 17:00

In Partnership with:

Lloyds Banking Group

At Lloyds Banking Group we all have something unique to offer, and are brought together by our common drive to make a positive impact on people, businesses and communities across the UK.

Event details

Our Finance Graduate Leadership programme provides a challenging and cultivating environment to develop your key leadership qualities to prepare you as the future leaders of the Group. We will be on your campus Monday 13th November discussing what our graduate programme has to offer and the type of career it can lead to within the Group.

Toby Rougier, Group Corporate Treasurer and Executive sponsor of the Finance Graduate Leadership Programme will be hosting the event accompanied by both current and alumni graduates. Presentations will be kept to a minimum with our event primarily focusing on a Q&A session during which you will be able to engage with the various members of the panel. We will cover a range of topics allowing you to find out in-depth, relevant information ranging from the application process through to how to stand out and excel once you’re a part of the Group.