Marketing Operations Executive

Marketing Operations Executive

at MVF

Sector: Marketing & PR

Role Type: Full time

The Marketing Strategy team are 8 people strong and are right at the heart of MVF's product delivery. We act as central point between sales and marketing teams using strong commerical acumen to execute mass market campaigns and maximise profitably. We go above and beyond to ensure our product is the highest quality to maximise our clients ROI.


  • Manage communication between sales, tech and marketing teams to ensure all are aligned with product delivery strategy
  • Launching new product in new and existing B2B sectors to maximise profitably and client ROI
  • Use knowledge from all digital channels to maximise profit margins and deliver our clients the highest quality product
  • Build rapport with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure projects are delivered on time
  • Conduct internal and market analysis to identify key areas of growth for new products 
  • Help build and improve resilient internal processes that will allow the business to scale quickly

What Success looks like:

  • Gross profit is maximsed across B2B Markets
  • Decisions are based on sound analysis and reasoning and communicated clearly to stakeholders
  • Client performance is optimised for ROI
  • Processes are created and improved to ensure scalable growth across the business 


We are creating a world class team of digital marketers to accelerate growth in our B2B division. This is an exciting opportunity to shape global marketing strategy using cutting edge digital technology to launch a diverse range of products in fast growing markets. This is the perfect opportunity for an ambitious graduate looking to make a big impact, fast.

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