Deloitte Law Campus Ambassadors

Deloitte Law Campus Ambassadors

at Deloitte

Sector: Accounting & Finance

Role Type: Work experience

The Perks:

• £10/hr for a maximum of 30 hours across the 2019/20 academic year (Autumn and Spring Term)

• Training and support to be a great Campus Ambassador

• Be the first to hear about on and off campus upskilling events with Deloitte

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Promote the new Deloitte Legal opportunities and brand to fellow students at your university (specifically within the law faculty) and encourage sign-ups for students to find out more information about Deloitte
  • Conducting competitor research by attending events and writing up reports
  • Building relationships on campus with student societies, your career services & key academics
  • Promote specific events run by/with Deloitte
  • Attend on-campus events with Deloitte at your University
  • Monthly calls with MyKindaFuture to update us with your progress
  • Monthly reporting evidencing of your activities, and a year-end report


We are looking for curious, open minded and proactive law students to join us for the 2019/20 academic year to become Deloitte Law Campus Ambassadors (LCAs). You will be a key part of our team, being our on-campus voice, eyes and ears to help promote engaging events and opportunities at Deloitte in particular some exciting new legal opportunities.

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