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Adam, Senior Talent Solutions Consultant

With over 15 years’ experience in L&D, employee engagement and talent attraction, Adam works closely with our employers in helping them evolve digitally to engage with and empower diverse talent, driving them to success. Adam is also a music producer and has DJ’d worldwide – impressive.

Charlotte, Senior Recruitment Manager

Charlotte manages and delivers the recruitment strategies for our employers, from initial application to the design and delivery of assessment centres, all while keeping our core values and candidates’ experience at heart. Having spent 16 years in the fashion industry, Charlotte has a creative eye and a passion for interior design.

Hannah, School Partnerships Manager

Hannah drives the connections we have between our school partners and employers. She has over 6 years’ experience in connecting young people with employment opportunities, keeping our mission at the heart of what she does. She also has a passion for yoga, Cher and dogs!

Jack, Recruitment Manager

Jack is part of our Graduate & Apprentice Recruitment Team, leading and delivering on a wide range of client needs across a variety of different sectors. He is particularly savvy at managing our apprenticeship offerings and brand ambassador campaigns. He also happens to have ten dogs!

Kate, Head of Recruitment

With over 7 years’ experience in the emerging talent world, alongside managing our Recruitment Team, Kate is committed to identifying potential and delivering exceptional candidate experience, whilst setting strategies that place employer brand at the heart of each recruitment process. Kate’s wild card includes previously canoeing for Britain.

Khadijah, Senior University Partnership Manager

Khadijah leads our Universities Team, who work with our student societies, careers services and other networks across UK universities to bring employability opportunities across campuses. In her spare time, she is set on exploring the world one beach and city street at a time.

Simon, Strategic Lead for Emerging Talent

With over 25 years’ experience in graduate and school leaver recruitment in the UK and Europe, Simon works with many of the largest graduate and apprentice recruiters, creating award winning campaigns, leveraging technology, help those new starters prepare and start powerfully and with impact. He is also Honorary Vice-President at Institute of Student Employers (ISE)!

Steph, Head of School Partnerships

Steph has a wealth of experience within the education sector and is passionate about ensuring that students of all backgrounds are given equal opportunity. She champions driving better careers education and foundations in schools, as well as an insatiable love of cats.

Talia, Senior Product Manager

Talia oversees and manages the products we offer at MyKindaFuture, ensuring they are developed and designed in an agile, user-centric way. She is passionate about tech, but also eggs (preferably poached) and sausage dogs (preferably miniature)!