16 things only uni students will understand in winter semester

16 things only uni students will understand in winter semester

Tuesday, 31st of January

1. Milk stealers are literally the worst people in the world.

2. Sleep. Coffee. Study. Repeat = Life.

3. Those 200 articles your tutor thinks you have time to read online? Yeah… No chance.

4. The sheer panic of realising you haven’t started an essay due in for tomorrow.

5. Getting up at 8:50, just in time for that 9am.

6. The almighty overdraft is the saviour of everything.

7. You have 15 essays, 4 assignments and 6 exams to study for but still can’t get up before midday.

8. Becoming addicted to a new TV series right when your deadlines are due.

9. When you spend more time writing the bibliography than the actual essay.

10. Procrastinating. I mean, do I really need to study right this minute? Just. One. More. Video.

11. The 39p Redbull from the student shop is your holy grail. Best served with Wikipedia in the library at 4am.

12. Why is group work even a thing? One person does all the work and the rest share the credit.

13. Finding out each lecture is up to £200, but still not going because attendance doesn’t affect your grade.

14. Living off pasta for the week... only to buy those new trainers you wanted.

15. Feeling slightly guilty for booking a holiday with your mates with your overdraft. Again.

16. Because, hey, being a student is basically a synonym for being broke.


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