5 reasons to apply for Smart Start with Allen & Overy

5 reasons to apply for Smart Start with Allen & Overy

Friday, 16th of December

5 reasons to apply for Smart Start with Allen & Overy

It's Decmember, so let's spread some Christmas cheer: Smart Start applications are now open! This unique work experience programme equips ambitious Year 12s with the essential skills and knowledge needed to kickstart a career in the most challenging industries. Thinking about applying? You won't regret it. Here's a few reasons why.

1. It really helps your CV stand out

Graduating from Smart Start equips you with loads of skills and experiences that not many students have. You learn a lot about yourself and the working world on the programme — including how to work in a team, manage your time and boost your confidence. Employers love these things (especially when you can back it up with real-world examples). Demi, a grad from the 2014 programme, said “When people see Allen & Overy on my CV it has a really big impact. It’s been a catalyst for getting other work experiences.”

2. Gain insight into the Law industry

Allen & Overy are one of the world’s top law firms, so they know a thing or two about the industry. And now they’re passing that knowledge onto Smart Start participants. Yasmeen, a 2012 Smart Start grad, said: “If it wasn’t for Smart Start, I wouldn’t have studied Law at uni which is something I would’ve regretted.” Even if you’re thinking about a different career, Smart Start gives you the transferable skills and knowledge to excel in any professional sector.

3. Prepare you for university

The leap from school to university is pretty big. You suddenly become independent and are responsible for your own learning. But Smart Start grads have a head start. You learn to manage your workload and get an insight into the group work that you’ll be doing at uni. Demi said Smart Start “encouraged me to go to university and practice Law in the future.” Ali, who graduated from Smart Start in 2013, added: “I still use the skills from the programme in my day-to-day studies — and will continue to do so.”

4. A mentoring opportunity

There are so many benefits to being mentored. You can draw on the experiences and knowledge of an expert professional to help you progress on your own journey. They help you map out the path and suggest ways of overcoming any problems along the way. Impress on the Smart Start week, and you could land yourself a top class mentor to guide you through your early career – from writing that personal statement for uni to bagging a prized internship.

5. Win a bursary for university

Wouldn’t it be great to get a bit of money off your uni fees? Well, with Smart Start you can. There will be an opportunity for one star performer to gain a bursary that will contribute to your tuition fees.

Interested? Simply complete the activities on Smart Start Hub to win a place on the programme.


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