5 ways to stand out at a Channel 4 Pop Up in TV Production

5 ways to stand out at a Channel 4 Pop Up in TV Production

Tuesday, 11th of April

5 ways to stand out at a Channel 4 Pop Up in TV Production

Network, network, network

Networking is a scary word. But there’s no need to be frightened at a Pop Up. Friendly industry professionals will give you lowdown on what skills, experiences and attitudes you need to get noticed. But approach them to find out more. Don’t be shy. Take a deep breath. They – like everyone else at a Pop Up – are here to spread knowledge and share wisdom. And don’t neglect your fellow Pop Up-ers either. These guys could be your next collaborators. Just remember, years from now in your Oscars speech, to reminisce about how your creative partnership was forged at a C4 Pop Up…

Be open-minded

So you want to get into TV Production? Great. You’re in the right place. But, as you’ll soon discover, countless roles are needed to create great TV. From editing to scripting, direction to production management, the possibilities are limitless. All these fields require different skills and traits. You may already have your heart set on a particular work area. Which is fine. But don’t neglect something just because you think you won’t like it or be good at it. Approach each task with an open mind. Engage with everything. You may well surprise yourself and – whisper it – stumble on your true calling.

Be friendly

The creative industries are full of passionate, inspiring, eclectic individuals. But it’s also full of collaborators. Working with people goes to the very heart of what working in TV Production is all about. So remember to engage with everyone around you – be that event staff or members of your workshop team. No one likes to be shouted down or felt like their contribution isn’t valued. So be friendly and inclusive and help bring out the skills in others. After all, the best projects are the ones that draw on diverse experiences, talents and perspectives.

Let your creativity flow

One of the best parts of a Pop Up is creating your own short. As a media junkie, you’ll know there are few things better than nurturing an idea into a tangible, living, breathing thing. This is your chance to unleash your creativity and produce something that amazes/inspires/shocks/surprises/[insert other verb]. Don’t limit yourself. Consider the brief, let your mind wander, engage with other creatives and pour your heart into a short you’d be proud to showcase at the Baftas.

Refresh and re-energise

We all get anxious. It can be nerve-racking meeting new people. So take a break every now and again if you need it. There will be a chill out area in the Atrium to wind down and clear your head. Our team of friendly helpers will be on hand to assist you with anything at anytime. So just let us know if you could do with some support. No request is too big or small. Just breathe. Then pop your creative hat back on and go again.


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