8 pieces of advice to final year students...

8 pieces of advice to final year students...

Wednesday, 11th of October

So somehow, you’ve gone from starting university and being a Fresher, to beginning your final year. And it feels like there has been a total of 15 seconds in between these two events. How ON EARTH are you in your final year? Like, HOW? Not only does the work load speak for itself and you have experienced your last ‘summer’, you can no longer talk about next year university antics because there aren’t any and adulthood is looking scarily around the corner. Up until this point, you may have looked at first year students on campus as being in the same boat as you. Now you look at them with pure envy, maybe even bitterness.

For all of you who can completely relate to the above, we have put together a list of things that final years can do to make The End a little less… daunting.

1. Do not fall for the rookie error of looking for graduate jobs in January. Folks, the ship has sailed and docked on the other side by that point. If you believe a graduate opportunity could be a path for you, start looking in September until around December. Not only then will you be well ahead of the game, but you will have so much more choice to consider.

2. It’s the same with post-grad study options! Do not wait around! You have worked so hard for 3 years now, do not settle for something you don’t necessarily want because you left it too late – get researching now

3. Find ‘The Balance’. ‘The Balance’ is something that needs to be mastered by the final year student – and at times won’t be easy. This is the equal weighing of prioritising your studies (which should and always will come first), but also making sure you have a final year to remember. Dedicate the necessary time to your uni work, but don’t miss out on all the fun – you will never get the undergrad experience again and it needs to be enjoyed!

4. Prioritise yourself. This year is going to test you emotionally and psychologically very hard. We believe a person’s wellbeing and mental health is one of the most important things to prioritise at any life stage, particularly final year of university. Take time to yourself, work hard but reward yourself with adequate relaxation.

5. Use. Your. Tutor. Imagine a guardian angel watching over you, able to offer you accurate guidance in your uni work and success. This is your tutor/supervisor. If they at any point offer advice or time to check over your work or progress, never under any circumstances turn it down. 

6. Think ahead. As scary as the thought of Life After Uni may be, you need to confront it with Beyonce-style confidence. Basically, by thinking ahead you will avoid the inevitable crisis that comes after graduation – what am I going to do now?! If the last thing you want is to return to your home town and live with your parents, then start looking at budgets, employment and housing in your desired place now. Thank us later.

7. Organisation. Potentially one of the most mundane words in the English language to hear over and over again. But PEOPLE – it is SO important this year. Know your exam dates. Know your coursework deadlines. Know your dissertation timeline. Want to have some degree of a social life this year? The only way to achieve both good grades and good nights out is organising your time.

8. Enjoy yourself. This is the most important year of your university career, but in more ways than one. There is so much emphasis around your grades, but also you will never experience the undergraduate life again – and this is something you need to make the most of. Enjoy your time on campus, enjoy your time with friends and make every moment count, both in the work and play field.

Good luck everyone!


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