A Day in the Life Of... A Mazar's Apprentice

A Day in the Life Of... A Mazar's Apprentice

Wednesday, 6th of March

Meet Hannah and Dean, two Corporate Tax Assistant Apprentices at Mazars, who are sharing what life looks like for them, and how undertaking an apprenticeship can build your crucial first career steps.

Hannah, 18 - Corporate Tax Assistant under the ACA-CTA training contract. Highest qualification level: Scottish Highers.

Dean, 18 - Corporate Tax Assistant under the ACA-CTA training contract. Highest qualification level: Highers.

What does a typical working day look like for a Mazars’ Apprentice?

"I currently work in Corporate Tax in the Glasgow office as a school leaver apprentice. My job generally involves tax compliance, working through engagement letters, creating corporate tax computations, all the way through to the final submission. I have also carried out work onsite at client venues and regularly work with different members of my team and other departments." - Hannah 

"A typical day for myself as a Mazars apprentice involves me compiling tax returns and submitting them to HMRC, and sending and receiving emails to and from different offices in the UK. My typical day also involves drafting emails and letters for clients, making sure everything is correct and ready to be sent." - Dean

What do you enjoy the most about your apprenticeship?

"The thing I enjoy most about being an apprentice is that no day is the same as another, every day I am learning something new or working with different people. I just love it!" - Hannah 

"I enjoy the various challenges that I face that help me develop as a person and within my job. I enjoy the close network that we all have in Mazars, even between offices everyone gets along so well and is always available to assist with any issues." - Dean

What do you find most challenging about your apprenticeship?

"I have felt challenged in terms of how to conduct myself in a professional office environment. This has proved to be very different from school and from previous part time jobs, although I feel that I have developed myself well and I am improving every day. Also, some people worry about the study/work balance but I feel I am managing to split my time well and have had no struggles so far." - Hannah

"The most challenging aspect of my apprenticeship so far would be trying to understand areas which I have no knowledge on and have never seen before. With that being said, after practice and or a little more explanation, this challenge disappears and I will feel very comfortable in that area and be ready to face it again!" - Dean

What appealed to you about working for Mazars?

"Although Mazars is a huge firm, they do carry that personal touch that you may not experience at other firms and so they cater for your individual needs, which really made me want to apply for a job at Mazars. I think the study and work balance really appealed to me. It was great to read about past school leavers’ experiences at Mazars and all of the opportunities that they had talked about that are available within the firm. Also, the people just seemed so friendly and welcoming and made me feel that I would fit in just fine." - Hannah

"Mazars has amazing opportunities and I felt like my skills and abilities would be truly valued in the firm. To this day, I firmly believe I have made the correct decision and look forward to developing more skills with the help of Mazars." - Dean

How did you find the application process?

"In both my telephone and office interviews, the interviewers really put me at ease and although they were formal parts of the application process I really felt relaxed. I believe this gave me a great insight into the culture of the firm and after both interviews, I really hoped that I would be successful. Both interviewers really presented Mazars well and showed off how great a place it is to work." - Hannah

"The application process was very good. Well organized and very professional. I felt that with all the tests and assessments, Mazars would find the correct people to work for them." - Dean

Has your perception of apprenticeships changed since beginning yours?

"No, I had always been keen to be an apprentice and had always had high expectations from Mazars. So far, I am really enjoying my time here and it is great that the firm are nurturing and guiding me to achieve my goals and aspirations." - Hannah

"My perception has not changed at all. A Mazars apprenticeship has been everything I thought it would be, if not more. I would highly recommend a Mazars apprenticeship to anyone who is interested." - Dean

What do you think are the most common myths about apprenticeships?

"I think people believe they aren't a proper route into the professional field – this is not true! Apprentices are hired in all different industry sectors and so many go on to be very successful in their chosen field. I also feel that people believe that apprenticeships are for non-academics – this is very outdated! Apprentices are assessed by their training provider and firm, as well as sitting regular exams and carrying out coursework." - Hannah

"A common myth about apprenticeships could be that they are not truly valued by the company and you are not treated as an equal. With a Mazars apprenticeship this is not the case. I am valued within the firm and treated as an equal, despite not being employed for as long as others. My voice is heard and taken into consideration, always." - Dean

What advice would you give to a friend considering an apprenticeship?

"If you are looking for an opportunity into the professional field but are not keen on going to university then an apprenticeship is perfect for you. An apprenticeship with Mazars carries so many different opportunities and can provide you with a career for life." - Hannah

"My only advice would be to do it! You will not regret it, you will see yourself develop not only within the firm and in your career area, but as a person." - Dean

Are you interested in finding out more about apprenticeship opportunities with Mazars? Check out apprentice and school leaver programmes here: www.mazarscareers.co.uk/school-leavers


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