A wasted degree? Or a perfect fit?

A wasted degree? Or a perfect fit?

Tuesday, 16th of January

Hear from real graduates at Civil Service and how they applied themselves to the Fast Stream programmes, and more importantly how important their degree background was in their success.

Concerned about a wasted degree? Read about Aby’s story:

“I joined the Project Delivery Fast Stream straight out of graduating from the University of Kent, where I studied Business and Marketing. As part of my degree I decided to do a year in industry where I completed three placements in marketing in the private sector. From this experience I established one thing – marketing was not for me! I thought that meant my degree had been a complete waste. However, I soon realised that it gave me many transferable skills such as …” - (Read more here)

Jennifer’s Perfect Fit:

Two years ago I was in my final year of a mathematics degree at Newcastle University with still no idea of what I wanted to do afterwards. This was a familiar situation among many of my friends. Math students we are often pushed towards careers in accountancy, finance or teaching. However, none of these careers appealed to me and I was struggling to find different career path – one that would make better use of my degree.  Discovering the statistics Faststream – it looked to be a perfect fit. I would have the opportunity to work on high profile statistics that would have a real impact on policy. 

When I first started I was lucky enough to work on a cutting-edge data science project. My role was to build an interactive data visualisation with the aim to make our statistics easier to understand and to appeal to a wider audience. I got the opportunity to learn about website design as well as technical programming languages that I had never even heard of before! … I have been involved in a large variety of different work. This has given me the opportunity to develop both a range of statistical skills and core competencies…I have run complex adjustments e.g. using survival analysis techniques and learnt…” - (Read more here)”

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