Apprenticeships: Why and How

Apprenticeships: Why and How

Monday, 14th of March

Apprenticeships: Why and How

Do many people actually know what an apprenticeship is? Do you know what an apprenticeship involves?

By definition an Apprenticeship is: a job that involves following and studying a master of the trade, whilst gaining recognised qualifications, learning essential skills and earning a wage.


Apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular, and we can see why!

  • You earn while you learn
  • There is no debt, unlike when you’ve done a university degree
  • You’ll have practical and relevant experience
  • You have guidance and support throughout
  • It will strengthen your CV
  • Build your contacts quickly and at a young age
  • You could gain a nationally recognised qualification
  • Progress within a business early on
  • Low or no cost - An apprenticeship doesn’t have to cost you a thing. 

So now we have sold you on the idea of an apprenticeship, you are thinking where do I apply?! Not to worry, we have the answers for you.


These are the top 5 places to look for an Apprenticeship:

  1. National Apprenticeship Service – the government agency that coordinates apprenticeships in England and recently launched online search system “Find an apprenticeship”.
  2. Job Boards – check out job advertising boards such as Reed, Total jobs and, or check out our jobs page for Apprenticeship Opportunities!
  3. Training Providers – training providers advertise a whole host of apprenticeships as they provide the training for the qualification.
  4. Skills shows – these events are held all over the country and many apprenticeship companies attend to attract potential apprentices.
  5. Large employers – large employers tend to run their own apprenticeship programmes and with the introduction of the apprenticeship levy they will be offering many more apprenticeships in the near future.


Top Tips on how to make your application stand out:

  1. Research the company and read the job profile:  Before you start your application make sure that you’ve read up about the company you’re applying with, you don’t want to spend time filling out all your details if you’re not really keen to work for that company or in that role. Look at their website, find their careers pages; there’s often great profiles on staff that currently work there and examples of why they love it!
  2. Make sure all your details are correct: Check your contact details 3 times, this is a common mistake and you don’t want this to be the reason why the employer can’t offer you the opportunity.
  3. Be honest: It’s always tempting to add a few extra interests, experiences, qualifications, to enhance your application, however don’t go over the top. Remember you’ll probably get asked similar questions in your interview and you don’t want to be caught out.
  4. Sell yourself: With the last point in mind, don’t forget to promote yourself in a positive way, any skills you’ve gained through work experience, insight days, part time jobs etc. put those down. It’s not all about qualifications so make your application stand out with some extra information.
  5. Ask someone to review your application: When you’ve worked so hard on something, re written it 5 times, made it shorter, made it longer you sometimes lose sight of what you’re trying to say. Ask a friend, teacher, anyone that can take a quick look and give you some advice, always good to check your spelling and grammar too.

So what are you waiting for? Get searching and make your application shine!


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