Guest Blog: Jared Gobey

Guest Blog: Jared Gobey

Thursday, 7th of February

Guest Blog: Jared Gobey
Are there physical limits to your Facebook Family?

by Jared Gobey

An insight into the consequences of social networking sites and just how easy our profiles are to find by anyone.

As I browse the transgressive borders of Facebook, I notice several people have sneakily weaved themselves into my broad list of friends. Regardless of whether you have a million friends, or whether you have just your mum, your Facebook experience shall be exactly the same. Obviously, however, with a lot less spam and far less soppy boyfriend-breakup anecdotes. Many people I know have added individuals from different capitals, females who flash their scrag, flirtatious vulnerables. But what is the real point of adding unknown people to a profile where they can see everything relating to your person life?

Yes, there are profile settings; profile settings that heavily reduce the chance of people not on that rebellious list of yours, seeing your stuff. But why are we letting these pesty viruses (there's a metaphor!) get past these defenses? Let your friends scribble comments over your breast broadcast, but not an elderly man dribbling and drooling over some young prey. Seriously? The joys of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are heavily outbalanced by the risks and disadvantages of the communication on these sites. There are people in this world who are abused and bullied, because their cursor hit the 'Accept' rather than the 'Ignore'. Do the sensible thing online, be safe and stay aware!

There isn't a limit to your friend's list anymore. According to sources, Facebook has abolished the 5,000 limit, letting even more bullies and pedophiles weave themselves around and around your barricade. My only suggestion is to add close friends and family. If you know them, have met them, talked to them - yeah, Facebook is an ideal alternative to keep in contact with them. If you've never met them, known them, talked to them; it is highly likely they are pretending to be someone else. The profile picture you see amidst their Facebook page may be photoshopped, tampered with or sourced from an open resource sharing site such as Picsearch. If you type in 'Camel' on Picsearch, that Maria Ghardofilkyia who wants to be your friend will come right up!

It's just an ordinary Friday. School is finished for the week, and it is finally time to put my feet up and relax. I log onto Facebook for my daily spin on SuperScratchers, and the collection of my coins from YoVille. I notice the number one beside the white silhouette and I click on it. I don't know him - but I'm on 999 friends anyway, and it would make me look absurdly popular at school the following Monday if I reach 1000. I click Accept. STOP. You don't know this man, or woman for the matter. The picture is a fake, the statuses are copied, and the biography is just as senseless as the pedophile behind it. If you've already accepted it; it's not too late. Go to the profile, brutally rip it from your friend list and block it. You're removing the oxygen from the flame. You are destroying it; and now, it is no danger to you.

There isn't much more to say. I have gone slightly off topic but that is to be expected. There isn't a limit to your friend's list, but there is a limit to how many of these "friends" that you know. The internet is a harsh but wonderful world of technologic communication but in order to enjoy it fully, you must learn to control it, both safely and correctly.

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