How to nail your training scheme application for Ashurst

How to nail your training scheme application for Ashurst

Monday, 28th of November

How to nail your training scheme application for Ashurst

1. Make an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses

Then compare that list with the competences stated in the section of our website.

2. Our application form is in covering letter format

You should address it as a letter to Hammad Akhtar, graduate recruitment partner. We don’t ask specific questions on the competencies we’re looking for. We prefer to give you the space to tell us about them in your own words.

3. This format also tests your ability to write clearly.

Try not to make your application either overly wordy and formal or over-familiar. We will be most impressed if you explain yourself simply and clearly with the use of evidence.

4. Don’t make mistakes.

Lawyers are meticulous and accurate, and if your application form isn’t, then you’re unlikely to be invited to interview.

5. Demonstrate you understand Ashurst

We ask two specific questions about our firm on the application form. This is to ensure we are interviewing people who have researched us well and understand why we are different.

6. Be objective, not subjective

General statements about your qualities are less convincing than objective evidence. For example, don’t just tell us you’re a brilliant team leader. Instead, make sure you’ve included that you’re a society committee member and been specific about what your role entailed and what you achieved during your tenure.

7. Avoid clichés.

Lots of applicants tell us they want to be a lawyer because the law shapes society or they want to work at Ashurst because they would relish the chance to work on cutting-edge deals. We’re interested in your communication skills and are far more likely to be impressed if you’ve used your own words rather than tired clichés.

8. Use your work experience to full effect.

It doesn’t matter whether your work experience is in a legal or non-legal role. Put it in and tell us what you learned from it. We have opportunities for all law and non-law students and graduates – from first year to final year and beyond.

Applications opened on 1 September for our winter vacation scheme,summer vacation schemes and our first year programme, Ahead with Ashurst. Applications opened on 1 October for September 2019 and March 2020 training contracts. Closing datesvary and we recruit on a rolling basis. Please visit our website for more information.


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This blog post was guest-written for MyKindaFuture by Ashurst and is part of our November HirEd e-zine.  Read the e-zine in full here


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