Deloitte: Break the stigma surrounding mental health

Deloitte: Break the stigma surrounding mental health

Tuesday, 25th of April

Deloitte: Break the stigma surrounding mental health

Mental health in the workplace is a central topic of the Bright Futures April ezine. To promote awareness of the vast population of individuals that suffer with mental health difficulty and increased inclusivity to all within the workplace regardless of their mental well-being, we gained first-hand insight into how mental health is addressed at Deloitte.

Netball champion, world traveller, father, successful manager. Everyone has a story, and sometimes mental illness is part of that. But it’s never the whole story.

At Deloitte, we have a long-standing commitment to mental health, and have been working to create a culture that allows people to talk openly about their mental health concerns. We created this video to help break down stigma, in particular that which can surround depression and anxiety. Sharing it within our firm generated an overwhelmingly positive response, with some people feeling able to seek help for the first time because they were so inspired by the courage of our film participants. We are now sharing it more widely in the hope that it might inspire more people to start conversations about mental health.

You can watch the video here:  


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