Bright Futures Event of the Month: Bristol Bright Futures & Deloitte

Bright Futures Event of the Month: Bristol Bright Futures & Deloitte

Tuesday, 27th of February

Event of the Month: Bristol Bright Futures & Deloitte Interactive Workshop

Total number of sign ups: 70

Total number of attendees: 46

Date held: 15th February 2018, 6:00pm-8:00pm

The Event of the Month for February across our Bright Futures network has been awarded to Bright Futures Bristol for pulling off an amazing interactive workshop event in partnership with Deloitte. This success came from a well thought-out marketing strategy, commitment and determination from our committee members at Bristol University. Have a read of the President testimonial below about how the event was pulled together to be a success!

"Bright Futures (Bristol) is one of the biggest societies in the University of Bristol, registering a sizeable number of students during Freshers’ Fair. However, most members are inactive and the committee struggles to get signups, let alone attendees for events. 

Seizing the opportunity to partner with Deloitte on this event, we capitalised on the unique nature of this interactive workshop featuring a case study on Technology & Communication.

Our marketing strategy this time focused on building an exclusive hype around the event, changing the practice of signups into a (free) ticketing event instead. This encouraged students to book a place and set aside time for this appointment. 

In the past, we heavily promoted on social media, posting on various societies’ groups and networks such as the BME & Disabled Students’ Network. However, these were barely effective so we decided to add a more personal touch. Apart from the usual social media posts, we made a targeted move of scheduling lecture shout- outs a few days before the event. Committee members were assigned to approach lecturers and advertise our event in lectures (in accordance with online-timetables). Not only was this approach effective in capturing the attention of students, members of the committee also got to break out of their comfort zone and improve their public-speaking skills.

To increase the prospects of reaching students outside the ambit of a ‘traditional degree’, we also targeted other faculties of the university which were not directly linked to the theme but have very supportive career departments such as Law to get the word out there. 

It was a pleasant surprise to achieve more than 70 signups for the event, double our usual number. We even had to close registrations and arrange an alternative venue to accommodate the surge in numbers." 

Hwe-Ming Tan, President of Bristol Bright Futures

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