Bright Futures Event Spotlight: Lancaster Fashion Recruitment Fair & Runway Show

Bright Futures Event Spotlight: Lancaster Fashion Recruitment Fair & Runway Show

Tuesday, 29th of May

It may be nearing the end of the academic year, and some of you may have already finished. However, our fantastic committee at Lancaster University have proved that despite the time of the year, an event can still be pulled off to excellent standards. We wanted to highlight Lancaster Bright Futures’ success from their final event of the year, with a twist – merging the world of Management with that of Fashion. And with over 300 attendees, killer looks, and the photos to prove it, our committee deserve the recognition.

This event particularly highlights the capability of our Bright Futures Societies in being able to run events of all types and all backgrounds – the more innovative and creative the better! This is already making us so excited for what’s to come next year…

Read on for the committee's testimony. 

Lancaster’s Fashion Recruitment Fair & Runway Show

Date: Tuesday 1st May 2018

Number of attendees: 300

Event summary

On May 1st Lancaster Bright Futures collaborated with Issue (Lancaster’s Fashion Society) to host Lancaster University’s first ever Fashion Show and Recruitment Fair. The event aimed to bridge the gap between Lancaster University’s Management School and the fashion industry.

The event began with a recruitment careers fair with brands such as Adidas, Nike and Boohoo attending, and ended with a fashion catwalk show with student models modelling some local, northern boutique fashion brands.

Were there any particular highlights in hosting the event?

The highlight of the event was definitely seeing how many students, and even lecturers turned out for the catwalk/fashion show. Bright Futures and Issue planned it out really well, and it looked really professional on the day. We even had a live DJ throughout. Attendees also had goodie bags to take away with them on the day!

Were there any challenges you faced with hosting the event, and if so, how did you overcome these?

We found getting brands to attend the event really hard, because Lancaster University was pretty unheard of in the fashion industry. But as soon as we explained to them that Lancaster offers a range of students, some really keen to enter the fashion industry, they were really excited to come.


How did you market the event to your university?

The University actually approached us on Linkedin about the event when they started to seeing promotion online. They wanted to get involved and help in any way they could.

Catherine, President of Lancaster Bright Futures:

In my opinion, the event was by far the best event Lancaster Bright Futures had put together all year. From working great as a team, to contacting companies and pulling it off on the day- everyone got involved and helped.

I’m really proud of us as a society and hope that the event becomes an annual thing at Lancaster.

Khadijah, Bright Futures Societies Manager:

When Catherine initially spoke to me about holding a Fashion Recruitment Fair and Fashion Show I was intrigued as to how this would pan out. They were initially struggling to find brands that would be willing to attend, but in a few short weeks they manged to pull it out the bag and get some well-known brands including Adidas and Boohoo.  What I loved about this event was the out of the box thinking the committee did, and they focused on an industry that is typically underrepresented within Bright Futures. This event for me demonstrates what the Bright Futures Societies do so well on their campus and how they are continually thinking of innovative ways to bring employability opportunities onto their campus

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