Bright Futures has hit Instagram!

Bright Futures has hit Instagram!

Tuesday, 24th of July

So, what’s new in the world of Bright Futures? What have our team been up to so far this glorious summer? Well, we’ve only just gone and joined Instagram!! And we’re really excited about this, so here’s a blog post about who/what/when/where/why/everything you need to know about what to expect from the revelation (because it’s a big deal).


Why have we decided to make an Insta account for all things Bright Futures?

Well, we like shouting about our Societies’ achievements, and sharing our wider opportunities. And we felt like we didn’t have enough digital platforms to do so. And we also felt like we were behind the game. And we didn’t want to miss the Committee Member selfies/event Insta stories/general fabulousness of our network. And wanted to give our MyKindaFuture page a friend. And just generally thought it was absolutely something we should do. Are they enough reasons, or shall we go on?



What can you expect to find on our page?

Well, this is where it gets exciting. We will be using our page to share with everyone a behind-the-scenes insight into the world of Bright Futures. This includes pics from our Societies’ campus events, our Committee Member updates, opportunities from our leading graduate employers, shenanigans from the MyKindaFuture office, and wider network news. We will also be sharing opportunities directly from our Societies’ pages, so you can keep up to date with them, too – make sure to give them a follow!

I have some content I would like to be featured on your page, is that possible?

We love sharing. Our page isn’t exclusively for our own updates, but from anyone who is part of our network! So, if you have any pictures you would like to be shared on our page, please drop Hannah an email here or drop her a message over Facebook. We’re talking the likes of: Committee Member group selfies, pre-/post-event updates, general university news, employer event promos, Committee Member biographical ‘meet the team’ posts, snaps from our Annual Conferences, employer opportunity promotions, Fresher’s week happenings, and more! So, if you are at any point in possession of any of the above, don’t be shy to get in touch – contact Hannah and she will be able to help further!

Can I set up a page for my Bright Futures Society?

Ab-so-lutely. We definitely encourage this! Any of our operating, affiliated Societies this year are strongly recommended to join the Instagram world – this is a quick and easy way of establishing your Society digitally on your campus and gain a following and brand recognition among your student peers. It’s also a great way of keeping up with our updates and being able to quickly share our news with your own memberships. This offers your Society the opportunity to develop your own creative brand on campus and expand your presence online. And, of course, we are here to support you at all times should there be any hiccups. Come join us!


Do you have any advice for having a successful Bright Futures Society Insta?

Want to start a page for your Society on Instagram? Or want to re-vamp your existing Society page for the new year? message Hannah here who will be able to talk you through it, to ensure your page is consistent with our Bright Futures Instagram branding, is reaching the most people, and is posting the best content to make your page as successful as it can be.


So, remember to give us a follow for regular updates on all sorts of exciting things!

Find us here or look us up with: @brightfuturessocieties @brightfuturessocieties @brightfuturessocieties

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