Bright Futures Multi Company Networking Events

Bright Futures Multi Company Networking Events

Friday, 29th of March

We already knew how strong our Committee Members' game was. And then they blew it out of the water a little further.

This month Strathclyde and De Montfort Bright Futures hosted networking events on their campuses with some big names, in light of International Women's Day. The events were ambitious and meaningful, and brought together current students with leading employers for important conversations surrounding female empowerment and gender diversity. The discussions that took place both across the interactive panels and networking sessions were highly impactful, and students were able to hear genuine and honest approaches and experiences from employers.

Pretty amazing, right? We know. Which is why we decided to showcase it on our Blog. Read on...

International Women’s Day Panel & Networking Event,nwith focus on the Financial Industry
Hosted by Strathclyde Bright Futures
Monday 4th March, 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Strathclyde Bright Futures Society have won our 'Society of the Year Award' for three years running between 2014 and 2016 and continue to be one of our strongest Societies on campus. Strathclyde have a history of delivering creative, large-scale events to an exceptional standard, hosting a wide range of employers on campus, both within and outside of the Bright Futures network, winning them 'Event of the Year Award' in 2017 and 2018.

The event sought to provide female students of all year groups and degree backgrounds with insight into a male-dominated industry. Strathclyde Bright Futures hosted employers across the Financial sector including STEM companies’ financial departments, Consultancy, Accountancy, and Banking firms, and academic representatives within this space. Female employees joined an interactive panel discussing empowering females within the financial industry, identifying the gender inequalities that still exist today, and driving the career ambitions of those who wish to enter a career in Finance. The panel session was then followed by networking over refreshments.

Rolls Royce, Offshore Renewable Energy, Pick Protection and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) formed the panel, and the event attracted a total of 36 student attendees, 98% of which were female, and 15% were BAME. Ella McKay, President of Strathclyde Bright Futures said, “The event was a great success, many found it extremely insightful and there was a
great discussion throughout.”

The MyKindaFuture Universities Team were particularly impressed with the success of this event. “I expected nothing less from our Strathclyde Bright Futures Society who continue to organise and deliver great multi company events. Identifying what students at Strathclyde want to hear about and ensuring the events are inclusive, diverse and offer an inspirational and honest platform to discuss important issues, well done to the Committee,” said Blair England, Head of University Partnerships, MyKindaFuture.

Women in Power Panel & Networking Event
Hosted by De Montfort Bright Futures
Monday 18th March, 4:00pm – 6:00pm

De Montfort Bright Futures Society is one of our new and growing Societies, who have previous experience hosting corporate employers on campus and running upskilling events. The MyKindaFuture Universities Team have been particularly impressed with De Montfort’s progress over this academic year, in particular the strength and impact of their
marketing strategy to maximise reach on campus. De Montfort Bright Futures are also a particularly diverse Society, with 61% of their student membership being represented by BAME students.

The Society wanted to bring a genuine, honest conversation to campus in light of International Women’s Day. Inspirational female speakers were invited to form an interactive panel where they could share their stories and experiences on shaping their own careers as a female within their industry of choice. Representatives from Eversheds,
AGT Design, and Head of Careers & Employability at De Montfort and MyKindaFuture joined the panel and launched discussions around dispelling common gender-related myths within both specific sectors and the workplace in general, using their own career experiences to empower and encourage female talent to pursue their desired careers and
break barriers. The panel was followed by informal networking over refreshments.

The event attracted a total of 51 students, 94% of which were female, 36% were BAME students, spanning 13 different degree backgrounds. Our Bright Futures Societies Manager, Khadijah Pandor, praised the event for its efficacy
in achieving its overall goal: “This was a fantastic event organised by the Diversity and Inclusion Officer for De Montfort Bright Futures. It was fantastic to see a room full of students so engaged. Each panellist spoke for around ten minutes about their careers paths and own experiences before opening the floor to a Q&A session. Students came
pre-prepared with questions which ranged from ‘What can I do with my degree?’ to ‘As a woman in the workplace, how empowered do you feel?’ The event provided authentic insight and empowerment to female students, in an honest and open session.”

Are you interested in being part of a Multi-Company Networking Event? Or would you like to be a student leader in hosting one? Get in touch!

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