Want to be a part of your 2018/19 Bright Futures committee?

Want to be a part of your 2018/19 Bright Futures committee?

Monday, 30th of April

We are currently recruiting for 2018/19 Bright Futures Committee members! Could this be you?

We like to be prepared, and how to make the next academic year the best yet? Well, getting our Committee teams of dreams ready, of course!

Are you interested in being a part of something incredible next year, from the comfort of your own campus?

Let us give you the lowdown...

  • Bright Futures is the UK's largest on campus career-focused society network, supported by MyKindaFuture, and existing within around 30 universities currently
  • The network aims to give every young person equal power and opportunity to shape their future, and so Bright Futures offers on-campus and digital events with leading graduate employers, such as interactive workshops, skills sessions, company insight days, webinars and so on to increase students' exposure to employabilty upskilling before entering the competitive graduate job market.
  • To enable this to happen, our Bright Futures Committees are central - they are a team of student leaders who help to organise and run these events, market their society on campus and also gain incredible exposure to the employers within the Bright Futures network and expanding their own skills set significantly. The Committee is made up of a number of roles, each of which play an important part in the overall success of the Society.

Here are the roles on offer. Click on each for a full role description!

But, what is in it for you as a student? We're glad you asked...

  • Exclusive training and networking at our Committee Training Conference at the beginning of the academic year, joined by all of our Committee members and employers for the 2018/19 academic year
  • Expansion of skills in communication, commercial awareness, digital platforms and leadership
  • Exposure to leading graduate employers throughout the year
  • An invitation to the exclusive committee members only Annual Bright Futures Awards Ceremony
  • Eligibility for your Society, or you as an individual, to be nominated any of our nine Awards
  • Opportunities to get more involved in campus life within your university
  • Be a part of our private Facebook groups where you will find important updates from our team and also stay connected with the other Committee members
  • An outstanding experience to put on your CV and job applications
  • To be put ahead of the game in the competitive graduate market 


We are open to all students, of any background, joining one of our Bright Futures Committees - even if we don't have an operating Society at your university yet! If you are interested in joining, please email our Societies Manager, Khadijah and she will be happy to talk you through the roles available, support you in coming into the committee and also answer any questions you have.

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