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British Exploring

Thursday, 3rd of April

British Exploring

Meet Alex, from British Exploring.

"If you asked me when I was younger what I would be doing with my life you would have got a vacant stare and a mumbled answer along the lines of ‘doing…. Something…. Somewhere’.

Though the specifics were somewhat lacking what I was certain of at that age, was that my life should involve exciting and challenging experiences; exploring what was around me and having adventures along the way.

What I have learnt is anything that puts you outside of you comfort zone, making you do, see or even feel something you have never done before is a form of exploration.

With a population of 53 million very different individuals in England we at British Exploring know that ‘exploration’ covers a very wide scope. With this in mind, we want you to let us know what the word ‘Exploring’ means to YOU.

Be it collapsing into bed at the end of a hard days walking, trying out a kebab at the local takeaway with a slightly dubious food hygiene rating, or camping out for the first time; nothing is too big or too small!

Send in your photos and 140 character explanation of why you relate your image to exploring - keeping in mind that the more original, the more personal the answer is to you the better.

With the prize includes a £500 bursary for one of our summer 2015 expeditions, so who knows what future adventures this could lead to…

Enter the British Exploring challenge here.

Good luck!



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