School Trips to Remember

School Trips to Remember

Thursday, 23rd of July

School Trips to Remember

School trips have always been the best of days. That’s why we’ve been working with Your Life, a government initiative to deliver an exciting series of Best School Trip (BST) events nationwide.

Think fantastical one day experiences, where you get to glimpse the most inventive, wackiest and myth defying spectacles. Days where you can discover more about the endless possibilities associated careers in maths and science and unlock your passion for tomorrow’s careers.

Get your golden tickets ready…

We kicked off the BST series earlier this month at the HQs of two big hitters – pharmaceutical and consumer goods company Johnson & Johnson and innovative tech company CISCO.

At Johnson & Johnson, students experienced a behind the scenes site tour where they learnt about the cool and exciting things the company does to engage with different communities.

They networked with doctors and scientists and working on cures for cancer and heard from the Company Group Chairman of Janssen Pharmaceuticals Jane Griffith.


The team at Cisco put on an equally spectacular day – students teleconferenced with sponsors of the Rio Olympics in Toronto and Madrid, learnt how to make Jelly Babies scream (that’s right!) and networked with a number of start-ups including Seenit and ChewTV.


53% of students that attended said “ it was helpful to hear about the different types of jobs available at this company and the skills and qualifications needed to work here”.

The roadshow will see us delivering many more BST experiences with great employers over the coming months.

Make sure you stay tuned for further updates!



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