5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Campus Ambassador This Term

5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Campus Ambassador This Term

Tuesday, 30th of August

5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Campus Ambassador This Term
So, there goes another summer. Goodbye sun, holidays and endless hours on Netflix. Hello work, exams and endless hours on Netflix… You can no longer dine on Mum’s home cooking; from now on it’s strictly supermarket basics – and scouring the bedroom floor for extra pennies after pres as the taxi waits outside (v. stressful).

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Get a job as a Campus Ambassador and you could earn money, enhance your CV AND still have time to maintain a first-class social life. Here’s why.

Get paid $$$


Sure, your student loan will come in. But it won’t last long - especially after forking out for rent, societies and the odd shandy during Freshers’ Week. Campus Ambassador programmes provide a steady stream of income throughout the term – and often come with big bonus packages if you smash targets. ISG, for instance, pay £9 p/h with a £50 bonus scheme. Tidy.

Brands use ambassador programmes to find interns and full-time hires


Internships used to be the way into a company. Now even getting work experience can be ridiculously hard. That’s why ambassador programmes are so great: what better way to get a foot in the door than directly working with an employer at uni? You’ll network with all the people who matter, equipping you with knowledge and contacts that will benefit you in any job application – whether for the company you work for, or elsewhere. Trust us, the investment you make now will pay dividends during that notoriously tricky post-grad job search.

Network with influential groups on campus


Campus Ambassadors work with influencers on campus to build professional relationships and increase exposure of the brand they represent. This means you’ll meet like-minded people, make friendships, get contacts and develop the kind of communication skills employers’ love. And on that note… 

There’s no better way to enhance your CV


Having just a degree is no longer enough in the grad jobs market. You need to cultivate ‘employability skills’ – and sadly they don’t include insane Snapchat streaks or a half-decent Pokémon Go collection. As a CA, you could spearhead a recruitment drive, run a social media campaign, organise a charity fun run, man a stall at a careers’ fair… All the activities that require leadership, organisation, determination, creativity, lateral thinking and plenty of energy – everything, in short, that will make you stand out and, more importantly, develop as a person.

It’s actually a pretty fun way to earn money

You could spend your evenings slaving away at a restaurant. Or you could spend a few hours a week engaging your peers in genuinely entertaining activities for a company you respect and value – and who respect and value you, too. Why work weekends in retail when you could be out at events having fun, and earning a decent wage while doing it? It’s your call…

And here's what CAs for ICAEW have to say about their jobs...

Amrit Mahbubani, University of Warwick

Being a Campus Ambassador has helped me develop confidence in my presenting skills, and taught me a lot about marketing techniques, which I will come to use in my future career. It has also given me the opportunity to further develop my understanding of the prestigious ACA qualification that I will start in September!

Nicholas Hill, University of Exeter

Promoting ICAEW at Exeter University helped me to understand first-hand what the ACA was all about and to share this knowledge with my fellow undergraduates whilst making a real impact.

Jennifer Whipp, Manchester Metropolitan University

Working with ICAEW really developed my communication, networking and presentation skills, both with fellow students and potential employers. The role gave me such an insight into the ACA and graduate life, which definitely motivated me at university!


If you’re keen to become a Campus Ambassador (and after reading this how couldn’t you be?), we’re currently recruiting for some pretty cool roles with engineering firm ISG, accountancy body ICAEW and consultancy giant Deloitte. Starting earning now!


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